• Fanmusic MS-E1011 Dual-Dynamic Inear Earphone

Fanmusic MS-E1011 Dual-Dynamic Inear Earphone




Fanmusic MS-E1011 is earphone that has a dual-dynamic setup in a metal housing with a user replaceable cable

Technical Specifications:

Impedance: 16 Ω at 1 KHZ

Sensitivity: 98dB +-3dB /mW at 1 KHZ

Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 20000 Hz

Distortion: 0.2% or less at 105 db

Rated Power: 2 mW

Cable Length: 1.2 meters with a 3.5mm plug



The MS-E1011's dual-dynamic drivers-setup produces a bass-heavy, warm and "fun" type of sound-signature

Building Quality Design

The MS-E1011 is a very tough and sturdy IEM, starting from the housings, which are made of two silver colored shiny metal pieces, held together by a red ring
The nozzle is very strong and sturdy but quite short too, and the sound tube that is in its top is covered by a protective plastic filter.
Isolation: Fairly good for a dynamic.
This locking system is quite well made as the cables never disconnected
the Y-Split an the 3.5 mm plug
the MS-E1011 has a very large housing 
Bass both quantity and great quality, mids are lovely too, super fun.
Five Pairs of Ear-Tips- we get three pairs of white single flanged silicon-tips (Small/Medium/Large)
Two User-Replaceable Cables
one standard and the other one with a microphone and a single-button



1 x MS-E1011 Earphone

1 x Replaceable Cable