AIBBC HF-2050 130W+130W Class AB MOSFET HiFi Amplifier




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Basic version:
Use double op-amp OP285 as signal input,upper to 90mA electric current.
Use BB double op-amp OPA2107PA as signal amp,it has high accuracy,wide bandwidth,low noise.

Higher version:
JRC double Op-amp MUSES8820
Signal output use 2 BB Op-amp OPA627AU
Driver Op-amp use 2 BB amp OPA627AU

Deluxe Version
Singal amp and signal input use JRC MUSES01 and MUSES02
Driver op-amp use 2BB amp OPA627AU


Total comsumption:350Watts
Channel separation:>65dB,10KHz
Input inpedance:50KΩ   Balance:20KΩ
Rated RMS output power
80Watts x 2,8Ω,THD=1%
77Watts x 2,8Ω,THD=0.007%
130Watts x 2,4Ω,THD=1%
125Watts x 2,4Ω,THD=0.08%
Signal input Rated RMS output power:98Watts,8Ω
Signal input peak output power:158Watts,8Ω
Frequency response:18Hz~90KHz,-3dB,1Watt
Power:100-120VAC/220-240VAC 50-60Hz,default is AC 220V.

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Loving my amp but am curious to what the switch (lift/Gnd) does. Manual is in Chinese and translator app doesn't translate fully. Curious.....
  • A: Hi,Paul,this is phantom power, lift and ground, is used to choose whether the chassis is grounded, ground is the ground wire, lift is not grounded.
  • paul 8/20/18 2:27 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hi Kerwin I will finalizing 4 units of HF2050 black deluxe for customers with our high end globally acclaimed Rethm Bhava speakers. These speakers were a big hot in Los Angeles Audio show (2017) and next week these speakers will be showcased at Washington DC Capital audio show. And HF2050 is being used with the same speakers for high end customers and many more HF2050 orders will come in. Pls let me know the final dicount possible so that I can complete the purchase. Thanks Chandrasekhar Ragarika Ultra HiFi Concert quality realism in living room
  • A: Hi Chandrasekhar, Thank you for your email. Ok,Please let us know how many you want. The best price is 220usd isn't including shipping fee. Please contact if any question. Best Regards Kerwin Shenzhenaudio
  • Chandrasekhar 10/26/17 1:07 PM Asked.
  • Q: Is the speaker terminals disabled when using output RCA or can they be used at the same time to Bi-amp?
  • A: Hi paul,It can't Thank you.
  • paul 7/17/17 5:40 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hi I am owner of, provider of high end audio solution in India. Our solution includes high end concert quality speakers from Rethm ( Global review of our speakr is at Rethm Bhava We have been integrating your HF 2050 amplifier with this speaker as our solution and it has been well received in India market. We have been buying the amplifier from Ali express for all my requirement so far, with 15% discount including shipment to Bangalore India. Ali Express have directed me to you. Can you pls guide us, so that we can build a long term relationship. Thanks Chandra
  • A: Dear Chandrasekhar B, Good day. Thank you for your email. I am kerwin from shenzhenaudio. Our company professional for HIFI Audio products. Yes,HF 2050 amplifier is our product. Please let us know more details. How many quantity you need? We will provide the best price and service for you. And we also wish build a long term relationship. Please contact if any question. Best Regards Kerwin Shenzhenaudio
  • Chandrasekhar B 6/20/17 12:46 PM Asked.