Aune S10 AKM4390 24Bit /192KHz HIFI DAC



  • Aune S10 AKM4390 24Bit /192KHz HIFI DAC
  • Aune S10 AKM4390 24Bit /192KHz HIFI DAC
  • Aune S10 AKM4390 24Bit /192KHz HIFI DAC
  • Aune S10 AKM4390 24Bit /192KHz HIFI DAC
  • Aune S10 AKM4390 24Bit /192KHz HIFI DAC
  • Aune S10 AKM4390 24Bit /192KHz HIFI DAC
  • Aune S10 AKM4390 24Bit /192KHz HIFI DAC

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The overall sound of the DAC is three end balance of, the maximum volume treble no split, clear tenor, the overall clear the level, so the machine sounds very strong dynamic sense. 

The objective design contains many advanced design that is conducive to the sense of hearing, the digital-to-analog conversion Core based AKM latest technology 32BIT AKM4390, with the the auxiliary PLL system based on high-performance, low-noise (voltage controlled oscillator), the effective suppression of the digital audio signal jitter. Optimized hardware for the machine itself provide the excellent performance of the objective, technical upgrade eventually brought about a qualitative improvement of the sense of hearing.

Intuitive human-computer interaction, phase-locked loop system based on the quality of the source signal to automatically switch working state, does not require cumbersome operation.


Product Features: 
1) two phase-locked loop section (2ND Phase Locked Loop) 
2) The use of CPLD technology IIS signal clock restructuring 
3) 32BIT DAC chip AKM4390 
4) the use of multi-stage separation control design, display panel 
5) Class A fully enclosed audio toroidal transformer 
6) the selection of high-precision components to ensure excellent sound quality 
  USB USB1.1, Retail, we will cancel the interface, Order member with the interface! 

Performance Specifications: 
1) The full name of: aune Ribbon Series S10 24BIT/192K DAC 
2) Color: silver black (color selection contact customer service) 
3) Product weight: 8 (kg) 
4) Product size: 340 * 430 * 70 (mm) 
5) Material: special all-aluminum chassis structure 
6) product technology: aluminum brushed, polishing process (the thickness of the front panel of 10.69mm; fuselage roof thickness 5.17mm) 

Parameter table: 
Input interface: DIGIT * 1 the OPTICAL * 1 AES * 1 USB * 1 
Output Interface: Analog LR output a set of balanced output 
A balanced output voltage: 6.15V 
Unbalanced output voltage: 3.08V 
Digital input quantization depth: 24BIT backward compatible 
Digital input sampling rate: 44.1K.88.2K.176.4K.48K.96K 192K 
The phase-locked loop output period jitter (PJ): 35PS typical value 
Dynamic Range: 116DB 
Frequency response: +0 /-0.08DB 20HZ-20KHZ 
THD + Noise: 0.00085% typical the value / 1KHZ test signal 
Left and right channel crosstalk:-112DB typical value in 1KHZ 

1) S10 24BIT/192K DAC

2) A USB data cable 

3) a  power line

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