DA&T HA-3 HiFi Class A Headphone Amplifier + Pre Amplifier



  •  DA&T HA-3 HiFi Class A Headphone Amplifier + Pre Amplifier
  •  DA&T HA-3 HiFi Class A Headphone Amplifier + Pre Amplifier
  •  DA&T HA-3 HiFi Class A Headphone Amplifier + Pre Amplifier

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HA-3 is a pure amp, rather than as decoding HA2 amp, this point I am a little surprised. Product family and model name from the point of view, since the common HA prefix name, it seems they should be of similar products is. But HA3 plainly is a pure amp (which can cater to the former level), without a decoder.
HA-3 deity two - host and split the power amp. However, although HA3 is a split of the amp, but the volume is still regarded as insignificant. It finally has the power switch, the product is no longer before the usual Yatsu touch switch (touch too blue light red that is the boot), but a lever switch.
HA3 maintain a cream designed HA-2 body - stepless adjustment of the gain adjustment (Gain). When driving in the headset, the gain can be adjusted to the appropriate position. This design is very good, I think it was a highlight of the HA2 now in use on HA-3, of course, is still a laudable design features.

Behind the machine is a set of RCA inputs, a set of RCA outputs, RCA preamp output can be set to output or straight-through output. This setting is also useful. It is worth mentioning that the preamp output subdivided into two modes, a mode called SW Pre-out, select this mode, no output when headphones are plugged in, unplug the headphone output recovery has another mode called Pre-out, Effect of the presence or absence of the headset is not always a front stage output signal.

HA-3 provides the basis for a no stain, let each headphone is truly different elegance and taste.
HA-3 is born elegant headset market changes in user habits and embracing the full performance out of the ear expansion.
HA-3 provides an impedance change impacts are not straight bandwidth, full bandwidth to show the strength of all headphones.
HA-3 thanks to the operating characteristics of pure Class A circuit architecture with elegant gift, feeling easily between instruments and musical instruments, subtle differences between the headset and headphones.


Genera Specification:
1 Rated voltage: 220V 50hz
2 voltage frequency: 50hz ~ 60hz
3 Power consumption: Standby power consumption pin: 5W
4 Maximum power consumption: 28W
5 Demand Current: 1A
6 temperature: 30 ° C
7 Working temperature: -25 ° C ~ +35 ° C

Continuous Average Output Power:
2.84w   per channel into 32 Ω
1.42w   per channel into 64 Ω
759mw per channel into 120 Ω
365mw per channel into 250 Ω
303mw per channel into 300 Ω
152mw per channel into 600 Ω   

Frequency Response: 4.3hz~340khz,+0dB、-3dB
Total Hramonic Distortion: Less then 0.0016%,with 32 Ω load
Gain: 3 ~ 23dB  Variable
Bias Current: 26mA~ 210mA Variable
S/N Ratio(A-weighted): 120dB
Slewing Rate: 60v/us
Input Impedance: 47KΩ
Output Impedance: Less then 0.04 Ω
Peak Voltage Output : 27Vp-p
Peak Current Output: 1A
Dimensions: Amplifier  And  Power Supply
L×D×W:47×240×120 m/m
Weight: 2.4 kg

Health Reminder:
HA-3 performance, low distortion, the proposed remind myself listening volume, you may unknowingly alto pressure already too large, under long-term Erli fear will be damaged, so most friendly to your ears or horn , followed by an open headphones, earbud especially followed it, the canal is long, please pay special attention not to listen and pay attention to the sound pressure.

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