MUSILAND MD30 PLUS DSD128 USB Optical/Coaxial Balanced Stereo Audio DAC AD1955 Chips



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MUSILAND Audio Labs has new SuperDSP210 chipset, that has higher precision USB asynchronous interface, support USB Audio Class 2.0 audio protocol, support Windows, Andrews, IOS, MAC OS, LINUX and other operating systems .

Clock management and signal routing, the use of more resources, process, more advanced technology XILINX SPARTAN6 series FPGA, so that the whole system digital signal jitter lower, higher processing accuracy.

DAC chip has upgraded to two AD1955, were responsible for the left and right channel digital - analog conversion, effectively improve the sound fidelity and left and right channel separation.

PCM signal playback specifications support up to 32bit / 384kHz.

Support DSD128 audio format file hardware decoding playback

Use independent two high-fidelity volume adjustment chip PGA2310 lossless volume adjustment, improve the sound fidelity again from the analog side

Independent power supply, power supply part use ultra-low impedance solid electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, X7R material high-frequency capacitor filter to ensure the power supply of pure and dynamic response; as to audio circuit, all use MUSILAND Audio Labs FA series of ultra-low Distortion sound capacitor to ensure smooth and soft sound.

I / V conversion, LPF, line amplification, all using high-performance operational amplifier LME49722.

Redesigned human-computer interaction interface, more concise display, more convenient operation.

New design, more stylish aluminum alloy fine milling shell.

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