Yulong Sabre DA8II 32Bit/384KHz USB DSD DAC Decoder + Headphone Amplifier

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  • Yulong Sabre DA8II 32Bit/384KHz USB DSD DAC Decoder + Headphone Amplifier
  • Yulong Sabre DA8II 32Bit/384KHz USB DSD DAC Decoder + Headphone Amplifier
  • Yulong Sabre DA8II 32Bit/384KHz USB DSD DAC Decoder + Headphone Amplifier
  • Yulong Sabre DA8II 32Bit/384KHz USB DSD DAC Decoder + Headphone Amplifier
  • Yulong Sabre DA8II 32Bit/384KHz USB DSD DAC Decoder + Headphone Amplifier
  • Yulong Sabre DA8II 32Bit/384KHz USB DSD DAC Decoder + Headphone Amplifier
  • Yulong Sabre DA8II 32Bit/384KHz USB DSD DAC Decoder + Headphone Amplifier

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Thank you for choosing SABRE DA8 II DAC, and we believe this product will bring you into a brand new audio journey.

Our acoustics team did not stop exploring how to make it a better sounding device even our DA8 had received overwhelming positive feedbacks, and has worked on perfecting the sound experience for years since its first introduction. Years of efforts including circuit and component consideration, listening, benchmarking, trying out different combinations including hi-end home and studio equipment and last but not least, listening to and weighting the feedbacks from our actual users.

The result is the DA8 II, a refreshing high precision DAC which retaining the same top notched performance as its predecessor, however has pushed the sound experience to another level.

Major differences include: Low phase noise Crystek CCHD-950-25-100 audio crystal oscillator, fine-tuned power supply, Low Pass Filter (LPF) and headphone amplifier.

The sound is fuller, more powerful, and more detailed. The headphone amplifier is more transparent and dynamic. These changes bring you a brand new level of musical touch.

DA8 II includes ESS9018 as DAC chip, AD797*5 for voltage reference and low pass filter. OPA1632*2 for buffer and preamplifier output. Headphone amplifier is base on diamond buffer circuit. ON audio transistor pair output. Also DA8 II includes short circuit protection. The Canadian Plitron high quality transformer, LT1129/LT3021 and WIMA capacitor provide pure power supply for ESS9018. For analog circuit power supply, Panasonic FC、VISHAY BC046、WIMA MKS2、 NPO capacitors were selected to provide outstanding performance and natural listening experience.

USB input uses customized Combo384 chip which co-designed by Italian Amanero and Yulong. It supports DSD and PCM for formats up to 32Bit/384KHz under Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

Different USB solutions had been tried however the original Combo384 was still preferred because of its natural and smooth sound performance.

All functions are controlled by software operating system. 2.4 inch color LED display shows the status. Dimming is enabled after 5 seconds with no operation. The unit automatic saves user settings. User friendly interface provides control for 5 different filter mode and inverse phase to produce different styles. 80 steps volume adjustment for pre amplifier output to connect to powered speakers. Under pure DAC mode direct connect to power amplifier provides even better quality sounds. It bypasses the volume control circuit and turns off the power supply to headphone amplifier to work as a pure DAC.

Multi-stage digital buffer and shaping circuit can optimize the quality of digital signal. Low phase-noise high-precision crystal oscillator as master clock, bandwidth-auto-set DPLL, switchable jitter eliminator are used to lock and optimized bad signal before decoding. Signals of high quality can be by-passed to obtain better performance.

Stretch forming aluminum case, thicken material, small size design (250*200*60mm) detailed surface processing. (Size matches Yulong SABRED series products, e.g. SABRE A18 headphone amplifier and SABRE A10 amplifier). Refined aluminum volume knob, push button and shock absorber feet give smoother fee.




THD+N less than 0.0002%, dynamic > 130dB, Idle noise 1.5uV
USB supports 32bit, 384KHz PCM signal, DSD support
Crystek CCHD-950-25-100 Low phase noise clock
5 different filter mode
Invertible phase
Jitter eliminator switch
Filter, phase, jitter control switch. Different style of sound under different combination
High precision bandwidth-auto-set DPLL
80 steps volume control
Single/Balanced pre-amplifier output
Balanced pre-amplifier output with driver, can be used as balanced headphone amplifier
Work as pure DAC when headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier circuit turned off
Class A single end headphone amplifier
TFT LED display. Easy operate. 80% dim after 5 seconds
Auto-save configuration
Thickened aluminum case. Aluminum button, volume knob and feet
100v-240v global voltage range

Technical Specifications:

USB Input format support: PCM 16-32bit, 44.1Khz、 48Khz、88.2Khz、96Khz、176.4Khz、192Khz、352.8Khz、384Khz、DSD64, DSD128 - On Windows DSD256, DSD512
Operating system support Mac OSX Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel. KS/Wasapi/WDM/ASIO Drivers for MS OS XP to Win8 32-64bit 。
Inputs: Optical、Coaxial、AES/EBU: 16-24Bit, 44.1-192KHZ。
SNR: -135dB
Dynamic Range: >130dB
THD+N: 0.0002%
Frequency Response: 20-30KHz-0.2dB
Crosstalk -135dB
balancedOutput level: 4.2V
Headphone amplifier output power: 600? 70mw 300? 150mw 150? 280mw 32? 1W
Power consumption: <30W
Size: 250*200*60mm
Net Weight: 2.68kg
Gross Weight: 3.5kg
The packaging Includes: this DAC, User manual, Power Cable USB Cable


The Panel Figure:

Power switcher
Headphones output
Warning: The headphone jack on DA8 II is VERY tight, please make sure the headphone plug is fully inserted. In case of not fully inserted, the left and right outputs are shorted and will damage the headphone amplifier! The short circuit can not prevent this situation!!! We don't honor warranty to damage under this situation!!!!
!!! Warning: Please turn the volume to minimum before connecting or turning on equipments. It may sound dangerous loud!

LCD display: Indicate the status. Dim after 5 seconds.

Input selection button: Push and release the button to loop through: COAX、 AES、USB. After the signal locked, the LCD will display the sample rate or DSD for DSD signal。

Inverse phase button: Easy to inverse the phase to suit different equipments。

Digital filter selection button: Sharp mode provide a flat frequency response line. Slow mode descent the high frequency. DSD mode provides 3 different stopping frequency.

Jitter removal button: Jitter removal function can be turned off to provide high fidelity sound, when the input signal quality is high enough.

Volume control, turn to change output level in 80 steps. It controls all outputs. Press the volume knob for 1 second to change DA8 II into pure DAC mode. Volume control and headphone amplifier are bypassed in pure DAC mode.
!!! Warning: DA8 II outputs a full scale signal in pure DAC mode. You must have a volume control in your system, otherwise the output level could be dangerous high, and might permanently damage your equipment and hearing!!!! You may also face angry family members, neighbors and pets! We don't response to any damage under such condition.

Balanced analog output
!!! Warning: Do not use regular XLR-RCA conversion adapters or cables , which normally short pin 3 to ground. You will damage the output stage!!! We don't response for such damage. Make sure pin 3 is disconnected if you want to use the balanced output as unbalanced.

Single-end analog output

COAX SPDIF digital input

Optical SPDIF digital input
Note: For some device, DA8 II many not work for signal over 192KHz, because the low quality optical digital signal.

USB input: Please install the driver when using Microsoft Windows operating system.
Download address: http://yulongaudio.com/en/down.asp
Please configure the software player to allow automatic sample rate selection. e.g. for KS, WASPI plugin, please set the player to DOP 1.0(0xFA/0x05) when playing SACD, DSD. When the setting is correct, LCD should display "input USB DSD"

AES digital input

Main power voltage switch: Please set it to your local voltage。100-120V/220-240V
!!! WARNING: Please set it to the correct voltage. Any damage caused by mistake will not be covered.

Main power input.

Interchangeable fuse jack. A second fuse is provided.


Recommend Settings:

Phase: +
Filter mode: sharp
Jitter Eliminator: on Provides condensed sound
Pure DAC Amplifier: off (Use this setting when connect to Amplifier)

Phase: - Suitable for early inverse phase records
Filter mode: Slow Darker high. Perform
Jitter Eliminator: Bypass Bypass jitter eliminator gives softer sound




Before using DA8 II, it's better to warm up for at least 15 minutes. Please make sure to allow the air to circulate and to use the headphone with class A to amplify, it is normal that there is a little warm on the surface of DA8 II .

Please use high quality USB cable. Don't connect DA8 II via a USB hub, or extension cable (for example most USB ports in the front of tower case).

The AC power supply need to be properly grounded, otherwise it is not safe to use, at the same time the noise produced by the the other electrical equipments will be passed to DA8 II from power cord, it is also possible that the loop noise will be produced among the grounding wire, PC, USB and DA8 II .

In DSD mode, Using 50KHZ filter will have better effect.

Questions & Answers

  • Q: What is the output power at 600 ohms?
  • A: Hi David,output power is 70mW at 600 ohms.Thank you
  • David 9/23/17 5:10 AM Asked.
  • Q: can it ships to India
  • A: yes,we can ship it to India
  • Devendra 3/8/16 6:18 AM Asked.