HiFi360 HF-PLA Pro HiFI WAV FLAC Lossless Digital Music Player



  • HiFi360 HF-PLA Pro HiFI WAV FLAC Lossless Digital Music Player

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HF-PLA PRO is designed for playing digital music and design, machine and older HF-PLA compared to either read from the power supply, documents, decoding, DA, output protection and so do a full optimization updates, which cancel that affect sound quality, overly complex components, the final effect will be far beyond our imagination, to achieve near perfect degree.




1. High-level independent power system
HF-PLA PRO specially built resistance to electromagnetic interference EMI processing circuit (power purifiers) can effectively improve the purity of the ten-point input, thus reduce the impact of electricity on the quality of the machine, so that the sound output is more pure, more quiet

HF-PLA PRO module within each function separately and independently regulated power supply, the use of the most outstanding performance LT108 * series regulator IC, this IC was 0.015% voltage regulation, load regulation of 0.01%, and there is able to ensure that the output voltage ultra-high stability, to address decoder for high-speed operation, the active crystal and a series of weak signals and high-frequency signals to provide effective protection to ensure the most accurate restore music.

In order to ensure quality from every aspect, capacitive HF-PLA PRO used, PCB, IC, etc. are to undergo a rigorous screening test, the line is optimized through numerous design to meet Paul sound, chasing stable.

2. Class A power supply in parallel (DAC module is equipped)
The pursuit of sound quality is endless, especially pre-amplifier, are hoping to get more pure musical background and better sound quality, and a good pre-amplifier to be sent back to the best possible performance, you need to have Excellent power to the power supply.

HF-PLA overall performance and battery-powered performance of Class A shunt regulator optimized supply PRO is very close, parallel power supply of its resistance is very small, which play a decisive role in improving the quality, because the music signal current loop, Current loop resistance is as small as possible.

After numerous debugging, is the circuit to the DAC preamp circuitry, the background is very quiet, frequency control better, but there is strength, high frequency becomes smooth, soft, greatly improved the music, in the subjective sense of hearing It feels more moderate. Coupled with top and rear PCM1794 DAC chip shop original LPF circuit so that the effect is immediate, output quality improvement is obvious.


3. DAC module (optional), tube preamp (optional)
HF-PLA PRO optional DAC module BB Company's PCM1794 chip, high performance, it can chip index has made him become the hot spots and focus HIFI areas.

A good DAC chips need good line to match, HF-PLA PRO built-in circuit after several technical communication and BB Company tests associated with the Weimaraner, ERPELNA series of audio-specific capacitance; Ti high Huanhuan rate, ultra low voltage noise The operational amplifier; super CPI shunt regulator power supply; all-in-one advantage, and ultimately makes it sound easy atmosphere, high resolving power, low-frequency deep, rich and powerful, IF warm mellow, high-frequency wire into the sky like a feeling like, but no harshness.

This module has a vacuum machine unique sweet, mellow tone and extraordinary musical appeal, but also has low distortion, high dynamic, high analytical power of a little, but also eliminates the vacuum tubes "because effects"

The tube module and DAC more replaceable modules installed, the user can always switch to a transistor amplifier circuit can also be switched to the tube amplifier, a machine to achieve two different color.

The original music decoding and regeneration I2S technology
In order to file decoding interfering, independent of each other, HF-PLA PRO internal use 2pcs DSP implementation file decoding, this way we can better protect the sound quality.
HF-PLA PRO Ultra Low Jitter internal use two active crystal, a system master clock signal, respectively, and with front outstanding power supply module, in order to ensure precision of the system clock signal, accurate, infrasound noise to meet Hi-End Claim.


Model: HF-PLA PRO Lossless Music Player
Storage carrier: SD Card * 2 (CLASS4,6,10 HD, Max128G,FAT32)
Input: Optical, Coaxial, I2S(DAC Model Support)
Output: Analog Audio, Optical, Coaxial, I2S
Control: IR control panel buttons
Cycle: support singles, Folders, dual card, single card play with circulation
Firmware Upgrade: Upgrade the firmware via SD Card
Power and memory: All settings can be off memory
Screensavers Brightness: support screen delay protection, display brightness adjustment
Support File: WAV, FLAC, MP3, WMA, M4A(Support DTS source output)
Display: LCD screen, support for Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English and other track information
Hardware platform: single sheet + DSP
Working Voltage: AC110V/60Hz and AC220V/50Hz
Machine Function: Lossless Music Player,DAC Decoder (DAC Model support)
Dimension: 215 x 190 x 90 mm
Weight: 3.5KG


DAC Model Function:
Frequency Detection: automatic detection of input signal sampling rate and display
DAC Chip: PCM1794
LPF OPA: NE5534 + OP0627
Signal switching: with the DAC Model do signal switch used, such as coaxial input, it can automatically convert into an optical fiber, coaxial, I2S output
Output Protection: Supports boot delay protection against impact sound output


1 x HF-PLA Pro Player
1 x Power Cord
1 x User Manual
1 x Remote Control
1 x Tube Model (Customers' Choose)
1 x DAC Model (Customers' Choose )


Questions & Answers

  • Q: Hi! My unit does not recognise any files on the SD-Card, it says: "SC-A" (or B),the goes back to the main screen without showing files. This is independent on card (tried different types, different size, different format). The files were .wav and .mp3, the unit found neither. Please help. Greetings from Vienna, Austria
  • A: Hi, thank you for your message. Kindly you can check if your SD files system is FAT32. Or please you can change another SD card to confirm if the problem. Thanks and best regards. Shenzhenaudio
  • Georg Schaller 3/21/18 4:23 PM Asked.
  • Q: 跟你打招呼,  我想购买你的产品, 我可以通过淘宝购买是没有的,货是发到广州 我的QQ:2519190084,请与我联系 谢谢
  • A: Hi, 你好,我们可以发到广州。已经加你QQ了。 Best regards Kerwin Shenzhenaudio
  • HAIBALA 8/11/17 12:53 AM Asked.
  • Q: tks about your answer! But it's no sound when it's playing flac, mp3, ape.. i can not hear the sound. Have you got the other firmware. i want to update firmware this device. i think it's been software problem. now, version 6.05. hifi360.cn is not available tks a lot! i like it, even it's fault. Tks you
  • A: Hi HiepNV,the factory reply that this is not about the firmware.HiFi360 HF-PLA Pro doesn't support APE.The new HiFi360 HF-PLA support APE.We had sent an email to you. Thank you.
  • HiepNV 1/17/17 2:38 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hi, It is possible switch off the display at music play? or is it auto-switch off display after ending user operation? Thanks.
  • A: Hi Dave,When playing after about 10 seconds without operation buttons and the remote control The screen will dim down the length of the menu can be adjusted.Thank you.
  • Dave 1/16/17 9:16 PM Asked.
  • Q: It's not play file WAV, Flac can play but no sound. Connect audio out with cd in on Amplifier.
  • A: Hi Hiepnv, Beyond the scope of the can't play. DSD64 (DSF, DFF) DSD128 (DSF) WAV sampling rate 44.1 K - 192 K 16 bit 24 bt 32 bit FLAC all compression level sampling rate 44.1 K - 192 K 16 bit sampling rate 44.1 K - 96 K and 24 bit APE C1000 - C3000 sampling rate 44.1 K - 48 K 16 bit C3000 sampling rate 44.1 K - 96 K 16 bit All rate of MP3 MP3 Thank you.
  • Hiepnv 1/14/17 10:05 AM Asked.