Flang V5 Portable Loseless Hifi Music Player Black




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Product Details

Multi-function remote control
Five key humanized design,Cooperate with exclusive base allows you to wireless control.

More humanized design
Inside and outside double card, built-in standard 32G, highest can be extended to 128G

Dual headphone socket
6.35 mm / 3.5 mm, high and low impedance headphones

Smart bookmarks
A key collection, easily customize personal album

Shuttle dial
ALPS encoder, the menu/selections as convenient

Gain attenuation
-dB,Balance the high sensitive headphones

Bass boost
Super Bass, fully meet the personality listening

Mechanical volume control
Aluminum alloy carved, abandon the digital electrical modulation distortion

Dual-mode charging
MIC/DOC, can charge the battery DOCKING

Long life
Original lithium-ion batteries, the longest up to 20 hours

Independent "CD" machine
The Line out (Line output) with the remote control let you used to be more convenient than traditional CD

Independent digital turntable
Spdif Out (coaxial output), can be directly connected to external DAC

Linux operating system born to fever acoustics ost
CPU processor: 600 MHZ/dual-core/MIPS, speed up to 1 million times per second

Operating system:
Perfect support 24 bit192khz sampling, mother with the level of music again.


The emperor of the machine with a DAC decoding - ESS9018
Its biggest characteristic is unparalleled resolving power
It shows sound and density makes music full of spirituality

The naturalness of sound
Smooth tone
The simple sense of Musical Instruments
The background of wide depth


ESS9018 decoding
Support 24bit192khz
Support the DSD direct input code flow
Dynamic range DSR: 127dB
THD signal-to-noise ratio: 115dB
Output power: 125 mw
Frequency response: 20 hz - 20 KHZ
Distortion: 0.0035% (1 KHZ)
Signal to noise ratio: 95 db or higher
Channel separating degree: 79 db (1 KHZ)
Display: OLED
Battery capacity: 2000 mah
Battery life: greater than or equal to 12 hours
Weight: about 249g