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OLED display
one key player / memory play
PCM format 32Bit / 768KHz
DSD format 64/128 (DFF, DSF)
Group 2 * HDMI input
Each channel dedicated ESS SABRE ES9018 32 bit D / A converter
Each ES9018 integrates eight independent D / A converter, dual differential coupling energy
DAC chip parameter settings (PCM and DSD digital filters, phase, level, etc.)
Ultra-low jitter three separate crystal oscillator - phase jitter - 150 dBc / Hz (± 1kHz)
S / P DIF output support DSD format output resampling
Supports full audio formats (FLAC, DSD / ISO / DIFF / DSF, APE, AIFF, Apple Lossless (ALAC), AAC, etc.)
Power line of two toroidal transformer
Low ESR capacitors Audio Accessories
WIFI DLNA support direct control and Airplay (built-in router)
Compatible UPnP ™ media server and UPnP ™ control point
Multi-platform control software --Android / IOS / Windows PC / Mac
Wifi 150Mbps and 100Mbps Ethernet networks

Performance Detail

SNR >=126dBr A-Wtd (stereo 0db fs=48kHz)
THD+N <= 0.00012% A-Wtd (stereo 0db fd=48kHz)
Dynamic Range >=126dBr (stereo 0db fs=48kHz)
Chanel Separation >=140dBr (1K @ 2VRMS)
Jitter <= 10PS
Output Level RCA 2.1V RMS
Frequency response 10-40KHz (24bit/96KHz)

SNR >=133dBr A-Wtd (stereo 0db fs=48kHz)
THD+N <= 0.00015% A-Wtd (stereo 0db fd=48kHz)
Dynamic Range >=131dBr (stereo 0db fs=48kHz)
Chanel Separation >=145dBr (1K @ 2VRMS)
Jitter <= 10PS
Output Level BALANCE 6.2V RMS
Frequency response 10-40KHz (24bit/96KHz)

Questions & Answers

  • Q: HDMI Question: if you connect an hdmi output from a blu ray player does the S1 split the digital audio signal so that the S1 dac can decode the 2 channel audio ???
  • A: Hi Robert,yes,it can decode the 2 channel audio.Thank you.
  • Robert 3/1/17 3:58 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hi I have few questions concerning J.Feng S-1 DSD PRO. 1. External dimensions 2. Remote control - I don't see it. Any picture showing functions, please. 3. Remote control via i-pad applications - does exist or is planned?
  • A: Hi Mietek, Thank you for your email. 1.External dimensions:70mm*365mm*250mm 2.It have remote control.(Remote control is auxiliary operation, mainly operated by mobile phone or a tablet) 3.You can use airplay to control,The operation need to download a third-party software.You can temporarily use android mobile phone, late factory will develop the APP for free. If you interested,just order it. Best Regards Kerwin Shenzhenaudio
  • Mietek 10/23/16 1:29 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hi, do you have available the version with the AK4495 D/A CONVERTER. If no, could you please tell me the difference between them. Thanks
  • A: Hi Roger,J.FENG S1-PRO the version with the AK4495 D/A CONVERTER.Please order it.Thank you.
  • Roger 9/14/16 6:31 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hi Can i connect an external hardisk over usb?
  • A: Hi Rayz,Yes,it can connect an external hardisk over usb.Thank you.
  • Rayz 6/2/16 7:03 AM Asked.
  • Q: According to J.Fengs Internet page there is also a version with USB input insteat of HDMI. Can you also offer the USB version? This would be much more suitable for my needs. Thanks
  • A: Hi Roman,you can download from http://www.jfdigital.com/en/support/downs.asp .Thank you.
  • Roman 4/27/16 4:22 AM Asked.