Product Details


OLED display
one key player / memory play
PCM format 32Bit / 768KHz
DSD format 64/128 (DFF, DSF)
Group 2 * HDMI input
Each channel dedicated ESS SABRE ES9018 32 bit D / A converter
Each ES9018 integrates eight independent D / A converter, dual differential coupling energy
DAC chip parameter settings (PCM and DSD digital filters, phase, level, etc.)
Ultra-low jitter three separate crystal oscillator - phase jitter - 150 dBc / Hz (± 1kHz)
S / P DIF output support DSD format output resampling
Supports full audio formats (FLAC, DSD / ISO / DIFF / DSF, APE, AIFF, Apple Lossless (ALAC), AAC, etc.)
Power line of two toroidal transformer
Low ESR capacitors Audio Accessories
WIFI DLNA support direct control and Airplay (built-in router)
Compatible UPnP ™ media server and UPnP ™ control point
Multi-platform control software --Android / IOS / Windows PC / Mac
Wifi 150Mbps and 100Mbps Ethernet networks

Performance Detail

SNR >=126dBr A-Wtd (stereo 0db fs=48kHz)
THD+N <= 0.00012% A-Wtd (stereo 0db fd=48kHz)
Dynamic Range >=126dBr (stereo 0db fs=48kHz)
Chanel Separation >=140dBr (1K @ 2VRMS)
Jitter <= 10PS
Output Level RCA 2.1V RMS
Frequency response 10-40KHz (24bit/96KHz)

SNR >=133dBr A-Wtd (stereo 0db fs=48kHz)
THD+N <= 0.00015% A-Wtd (stereo 0db fd=48kHz)
Dynamic Range >=131dBr (stereo 0db fs=48kHz)
Chanel Separation >=145dBr (1K @ 2VRMS)
Jitter <= 10PS
Output Level BALANCE 6.2V RMS
Frequency response 10-40KHz (24bit/96KHz)

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Hi I have few questions concerning J.Feng S-1 DSD PRO. 1. External dimensions 2. Remote control - I don't see it. Any picture showing functions, please. 3. Remote control via i-pad applications - does exist or is planned?
  • A: Hi Mietek, Thank you for your email. 1.External dimensions:70mm*365mm*250mm 2.It have remote control.(Remote control is auxiliary operation, mainly operated by mobile phone or a tablet) 3.You can use airplay to control,The operation need to download a third-party software.You can temporarily use android mobile phone, late factory will develop the APP for free. If you interested,just order it. Best Regards Kerwin Shenzhenaudio
  • Mietek 10/23/16 1:29 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hi, do you have available the version with the AK4495 D/A CONVERTER. If no, could you please tell me the difference between them. Thanks
  • A: Hi Roger,J.FENG S1-PRO the version with the AK4495 D/A CONVERTER.Please order it.Thank you.
  • Roger 9/14/16 6:31 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hi Can i connect an external hardisk over usb?
  • A: Hi Rayz,Yes,it can connect an external hardisk over usb.Thank you.
  • Rayz 6/2/16 7:03 AM Asked.
  • Q: According to J.Fengs Internet page there is also a version with USB input insteat of HDMI. Can you also offer the USB version? This would be much more suitable for my needs. Thanks
  • A: Hi Roman,you can download from http://www.jfdigital.com/en/support/downs.asp .Thank you.
  • Roman 4/27/16 4:22 AM Asked.
  • Q: Halllo, I have a couple of questions to this device: - Has it volume control? - Does it support internet radio? - Is the display language also available in English? - How does it compare sound wise with Gustard DAC-X20 and Soudaware D100 pro? Thanks
  • A: Hi Frank, 1.J.FENG S1-PRO has a volume control. 2.There is no built-in Internet radio, if you use apple mobile phone, may download third-party Internet radio APP, played by Airplay this function pushed to the machine. 3.It display language available in English. 4.The feeling of sound depends on the individual and different people have different feelings.Soundaware D100 is Music Player.GUSTARD DAC - X20 is popular in our shop.J.FENG S1-PRO is High-end audio level. Thank you.
  • Frank 3/26/16 6:57 AM Asked.