Oriolus DP100 ES9018S 8GB DSD HiFi Audio Lossless Portable Music Player



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Shell:Aluminum alloy CNC
Screen:2.4 -inch,LED backlight,400 * 360 pixels
Storage:Double TF card,built-in 8GB memory
Rate support:PCM-16bit/44.1 kHz-24bit/192 kHz
S/PDIF:Highest support PCM24BIT/192 KHZ coaxial or Optical output
LO:Two channel analog line support 1.8V output
PO:Support 2.8V two channel analog headphone output;Four-channel headphone output balance
Battery:3100 ma/charging completed less than 4 hours
Range:About 10 hours
Size:106 * 63 * 20.7 mm



Micro usb
3.5 mm Male to Male cable
Screen protection film
Warranty card
Leather Sheath Esk ipad

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Hi there Some wav files show "invalid file", try to rip the cd and transfer to the device again but still the same. Its odd that some files but not all from the same cd have this problem. Kindly advice. VBR Wong
  • A: Hi Mr. Wong,please contact your seller.Thank you.
  • Mr. Wong 8/29/17 7:40 AM Asked.
  • Q: In other words I can't use this player. What the heck is a TF card?? I will have to buy from someone else. Bob
  • A: Hi Bob,DP100 just can work with TF CARD.The DP100 can't use SD CARD.You can buy TF card in your local.Thank you.
  • Bob 6/17/17 5:21 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hello, I have all my files on SD cards. Is that the same as TF card?? Bob Wisker
  • A: Hi Bob,DP100 just can use 2 TF card.TF card different with SD card.Thank you.
  • Bob 6/17/17 5:08 AM Asked.
  • Q: Can you use an SD card with this player? If you can how big can the card be 128MB??
  • A: Hi robert,DP100 can use Double TF card, the biggest card be 268MB.Thank you.
  • robert 6/17/17 4:47 AM Asked.