Dugood UA8002 HiFi USB Sound Card Headphone Amplifier DAC Decoder



  • Dugood UA8002 HiFi USB Sound Card Headphone Amplifier DAC Decoder
  • Dugood UA8002 HiFi USB Sound Card Headphone Amplifier DAC Decoder
  • Dugood UA8002 HiFi USB Sound Card Headphone Amplifier DAC Decoder

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Innovative Features:
U configure Dugood company after years of research, secret of success as a high-fidelity audio transmission headphone amplifier and transformer
Analog signal transmission, wonderfully warm and mellow sound to get rid of the cold digital, analog realm to return to nature.
U precision output impedance matching technology to achieve the perfect support cattle ordinary 32 ohm and 300 ohm headphones professional monitoring headphones.
U cow adjustable volume output line output obtained as advanced bile preamp sound experience.
U all the built-in 24bit / 192k fever USB sound decoding and 120dB dynamic range of top digital to analog converter.

Simple 5V power supply, eliminating the use of any radiation interference boost switching power supply, but it can get up to 15V peak at 300 ohm headphone audio signal, such as a CD player at the same time to get over the line up 2.0VRMS level at the output of the line!
Need secret: HI-FI audio transmission of bovine
Use of selected alloy core, a special process around the system, and then to epoxy potting, steel shielding enclosure, high performance and superior sound quality shock!
Frequency response: 20HZ-150KHZ
Distortion: low meter limit.


Design Features:
Built exclusive development of high output headphone amplifier and line of cattle output circuit.
Built 24BIT / 192K USB sound decoding fever.
Using 120dB dynamic range AK4396VF as an audio decoding.
Has two coaxial and optical digital audio input external, makes the machine can be used as stand-alone decoder using a digital receiver using 24bit / 192K of AK4113, excellent performance.
UA-8002 is a headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier has a complete decoding function, USB / coaxial / optical three inputs allows you to enhance any home player and the sound performance of the computer.


Front Panel:
(1) 300 ohm headphone jack Professional
(2) 32 ohm universal headphone jack
(3) audio input selection: switch down to PC-USB input, as a sound card; switch up for coaxial / optical digital audio input.
(4) Power indicator / digital audio input indicator, red indicates that the power is turned on, green indicates there is an external digital audio signal to enter.
(5) high stream digital audio display, input digital audio sampling rate is greater than 88.2KHZ time, LED lights.
(6) the volume control knob, said the line output reaches 2V equivalent standard CD player output amplitude when adjusted to 0dB position.

Rear Panel:
(1) line output can be connected to pure post-amp / integrated amplifier or powered speakers.
(2) optical digital input
(3) coaxial digital input
Tip: You can only access the way in which, if both coaxial and optical access, only coaxial effective, unplug coaxial, fiber is effective.
(4) Power switch
(5) USB digital input / power supply (5V power adapter and phone charging treasure can be used)

32 ohms headphones: 200mw
300 ohms headphones: 100mw
Preamp line outputs: 2.0Vrms / 0dB
Harmonic distortion: 0.01%
SNR:> 90dB
Frequency Response: 20-50K Hz

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