DUNU NOBLE 2.5/4.4/3.5mm Single-Ended Balanced Single Crystal Copper Headphone Upgrade Cable MMCX/0.78 pin QDC Universal Standard MMCX




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Multi-plug, fully compatible: 4 plugs in the package, 2.5 mm balance, 4.4 mm balance, 3.5 mm single end, 3.5 PRO balance. Fully compatible with mainstream audio standards, it does not require multiple wires or complicated transfers. It is convenient for players to adapt to different players.

Optional pin 0.78 2PIN / MMCX / 2PIN (QDC)

A separate single crystal copper shield layer effectively isolates the external electromagnetic interference, makes the background quieter, makes the bottom of the sound more pure, and protects the transmission of the music signal, each core of NOBLE It is wound around.

The cable surface is soft, skin friendly and made of high quality polymer polyurethane material with delicate texture.

The warranty period is one year, but if you have any questions regarding the product, please feel free to contact us.


Model: NOBLE
Wire diameter: 24 AWG
Material: Furukawa single crystal copper and DHC sterling silver mixed
Shield material: single crystal copper
Plug: Self-locking quick change plug
Core: Four-hand knitting
Line length: 1.2m ± 0.1m
Pin: MMCX / 2 pins (0.78 / QDC)

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