Fanmusic DT-2050A 75WPC T-Amplifier + Stereo Amplifier



  •  Fanmusic DT-2050A 75WPC T-Amplifier + Stereo Amplifier
  •  Fanmusic DT-2050A 75WPC T-Amplifier + Stereo Amplifier
  •  Fanmusic DT-2050A 75WPC T-Amplifier + Stereo Amplifier
  •  Fanmusic DT-2050A 75WPC T-Amplifier + Stereo Amplifier
  •  Fanmusic DT-2050A 75WPC T-Amplifier + Stereo Amplifier
  •  Fanmusic DT-2050A 75WPC T-Amplifier + Stereo Amplifier

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The new bus control module 
   1, the modular structure, a selection of high-end components, play a limit device performance
   2, using high-fidelity ultra-low noise electronic volume pre-CS3310
   3, dual power supply to ensure sufficient dynamic range
  4, bus control, the shortest path to ensure that the analog signal, measured over 110dB signal to noise ratio module


New USB decoding module
1, the modular structure, low-pass buffer of gold-plated 8-pin socket for easy upgrade
2, using the Burr-Brown D / A converter (PCM2704)
3, multiple independent power supply, optimizing the decoupling
4, in particular, to increase the LPF signal processing, analog output is more pure
5, intelligent detection, USB channel mute function independently, eliminating the impact of the USB plug
6, the system automatically identifies, automatically install the driver



TA2050 is targeted at all power output level is 2 * 50W stereo amplifier before and after the merger level. 
DT-2050AK is with 2 analog inputs, built-in USB decoder, remote control electronic volume, and T-type digital amplifier. 
All around the high-fidelity design features, easy to use, stable, easy to upgrade.

• modular structure, the mill, more flexible upgrade 
• Cirrus Logic is produced using special high-fidelity electronic volume (CS3310) 
• produced using TI's high-fidelity USB-DAC chip (PCM2704E) 
• the use of NJRC dedicated headphone driver amplifier (NJM4556AD) 
• the use of high-performance Class T amplifier TRIPATH (TC2000 + TP2050) 

• tailored full copper loop power transformer, power is greater, lower temperature rise 
• Panasonic closed relay 

• The machine is a 1% precision resistors and ELNA, NICHICON electrolytic capacitor 
• the use of special magnetic ring -2 high-frequency, high temperature copper wire, more stable 

• control, protection management to handle the entire digital 
• aluminum chassis, sophisticated technology, better heat dissipation 
• multiple independent power, separate ground loops, digital / analog isolated from each other 
• 2 digital display brightness adjustment, operation time is highlighted, idle 3 seconds automatically lowered 
• dual control manual and remote control functions more convenient 
• Silver & Black two kinds of appearance, complete coordination of your system



 * Complete Digital Volume Control

— 2 Independent Channels

— Serial Control

— 0.5 dB Step Size

 * Wide Adjustable Range

— -95.5 dB Attenuation

— +31.5 dB Gain

 * Low Distortion & Noise

— 0.001% THD+N

—    116 dB Dynamic Range


Sampling Rate: 32, 44.1, 48 kHz

 16-Bit Delta-Sigma Stereo DAC

 − THD+N: 0.006% (RL > 10 kΩ,Self-Powered)

− THD+N: 0.025% (RL = 32 Ω)

− SNR: 98 dB

− Dynamic Range: 98 dB

− Pass-Band Ripple: ±0.04 dB

− Stop-Band Attenuation: –50 dB


Power input:AC 110V or 220V(+-5%) 50/60Hz 150W

Power Out(Line in:1KHz,1.5V rms):

8Ω LOAD 50W*2;

4Ω LOAD 75W*2

Power Out(Earphone):

32Ω LOAD  200mW*2;

THD+N (line-in,8 ,30W/channel)  0.008%;

Frequency response(line-in,10W/channel)  20Hz~20KHz +- 1DB;

µ(power out=45W/Channel,RL=8Ω) :90%;

S/N:A-weighted:90dB(USB input)

0dB=45W/channel,RL=8Ω:100dB(Line input)

Tone  Bass(100Hz):0dB~10dB


Unit size:190mm(w)*60mm(H)*300mm(L);



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