Fanmusic MTS-623 6N3 + Tube Amplifier + Pre-Amplifier



  • Fanmusic MTS-623 6N3 + Tube Amplifier + Pre-Amplifier
  • Fanmusic MTS-623 6N3 + Tube Amplifier + Pre-Amplifier
  • Fanmusic MTS-623 6N3 + Tube Amplifier + Pre-Amplifier
  • Fanmusic MTS-623 6N3 + Tube Amplifier + Pre-Amplifier
  • Fanmusic MTS-623 6N3 + Tube Amplifier + Pre-Amplifier

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UK Matisse Fantasy Line Stage ago after years of research and development level is Matisse after culmination, tube preamp since its inception to its Zhuo without any design, pure and transparent sound quality really spotless known, and a world-class reference crew.


The bile is used before the famous horseshoe Andean original principle circuit, while the layout corresponding adjustments were made when strictly respect the wiring through the principle of single point grounding, the choice of the device a lot of thought, not only broadens the frequency response , and has better bass extension, smooth mellow voice, bile taste very strong, one hundred and tire.

 1, the circuit layout of the structured, left and right symmetry, balance; the choice of the entire circuit in the device is particularly serious and unambiguous:

  Signaling pathway by the early part of the resistance level Dahongpao military resistance, the pin is copper tin structure, body resistance, compared with precision ceramic substrate for coating, not only easy to weld, but also take into account the excellent sound quality.

  Inter-stage coupling capacitors with prominent industry of the United States ERSE burning ultra-low loss angle foot blister Promise capacitors. Permeability her voice clear, crisp sound at the end, the level is good, low compact, high penetrating power of the overall bias HIFI, fresh, elegant feel.

  The output capacitor is very old German WIMA brand capacitors, no one in the burning world I do not know the sound is already a high quality neutral, can be said that the transparency in the whole frequency sound field depth layering, sound texture, IF the amount of information, the detail of high and low ends of the resolving power, tone is neutral, but the kind touch of sweet, crisp, reminiscent of the little girl's laughter. Girls with his very nice to listen to the crisp.

  ELNA capacitors using feedback capacitance, VIMA capacitors.

 2, power transformers and old factory specialized beef made using the full screen EI transformers, power enough heat very low, the complete elimination of the interference power on the circuit, so that sound more Qingche, pure.

 3, the unique chassis design: all-aluminum chassis, the whole material, and then by drawing oxidation, the front panel using a 6MM thick aluminum panels, two J-class Beijing 6N3, with built-in installation in the form of boxes, the former top of the open two oval window, and then embedded into two perfect semi-permeable Chris dummy board, through the European-style windows, the kind of taste the feeling of gallbladder bile reflected most vividly, especially the night also highlighted its charming style.

 Box with a very reasonable thermal design: the two power tubes and finishing cattle, respectively, the two close the top of the window strip heat, the power in the cabinet installation of cattle has also opened the bottom side of the window corresponding to the heat, convection heat, design more reasonable,

 Box after the board adopted the custom-made gold-plated closed the input and output RCA Block, green electricity / insurance / triple power seat switch, and set the 110V/220V power switch, the front stage in 110V and 220V voltage The following can be used.

 The overall design simple, generous, decent. Exactly like the cute pig also highlight its unique character, both in the sense of hearing, or a beautiful view on the enjoyment of all.


3.Resistance circuit with a large Hong Pao, Japan Black Edition power supply filtering capacitor, decoupling capacitors and Siemens WIMA, the United States ERSE dedicated audio coupling capacitor, the feedback part of the non-polar capacitor used ELNA


4.MDS fully shielded high power transformer



*. the input sensitivity (Input sensitivity): 150mv
*. the output voltage (Voltage output): 1.8V (RMS THD <0.03%)
*. signal to noise ratio (S / N Ratio): 94DB
*. the frequency response (Frequency Response): 10Hz-50KHz (-0.5DB)
*. the input impedance (Input Impedance): 250Kohm
*. the output impedance (Output Impedance): 600ohm
*. the input voltage (AC Input): 110V / 220V
*. the whole power consumption (Power Consumption): 30W
*. volume (Dimension): 260 * 130 * 100 (mm) (WDH)
*.NW (Net Weight): 2.8KG

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Can the MTS-623 use tge 6H30 tube?
  • A: Hi Ed, this two products have stopped production. Thank you!
  • Ed 12/11/18 9:37 AM Asked.