FX AUDIO DAC-X7 DSD256 32Bit384K USB HIFI AUDIO Decoder Headphone Amplifier Preap Amp DAC

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Product Details

Decoder Specifications:

Chipsets: XMOS, AK4490EQ, TPA6120, AK4118AEQ, OPA2604
Headphone Amplifier Power: 120mW
Sampling Rate:
USB: 32bit/38KHz
Coaxial/Optical: 24bit/192KHz
DSD 64/128/256
Input interface: Optical, PC-USB, Coaxial, Micro USB, AUX
Output Interface: RCA, 6.35(3.5)mm Headphone Jack
Impedance: 16-300 ohm
RCA level output: 1.9Vrms
RCA distortion rate: 0.03%
RCA signal noise: 108dB
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Operation method: multi-function knob and button
DC power supply: 12V 1A
Size: 16.8*13*3CM
Weight: 1.5KG

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Is the RCA out a pre out or line out. I want to use the line out for a set of powered speakers and would like to know if the x7 volume knob will control the volume of my powered speakers.
  • A: Hi William Pak, the DAC-X7 can be used as Preamplifier. The volume knob can control the volume of power Amplifier, active speaker and earphones. Thank you!
  • William Pak 5/9/19 2:54 PM Asked.
  • Q: May I connect it to my preamplifier? (it has an input impedance of 40Kohm) thanks
  • A: Hi tropie, yes ,you can. Thank you!
  • tropie 3/14/19 4:48 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hi Do u have the driver for windows10? Chris
  • A: Hi Chris,Yes, you can download it from our website. https://download.shenzhenaudio.com/FXAUDIO/.Thank you!
  • Chris 11/9/18 10:04 PM Asked.
  • Q: What is the lowest headphone output impedance this can go, can this reach 0 Ohms? Comparing this to the O2/ODAC that has a headphone output impedance that goes as low as 0.54 Ohms. I would like to know if it can properly match sensitive IEMs with low impedance.
  • A: Hi,Ben The impedance of Dac-x7 is 16-300 ohm.You can add impedance line if the headphone with low impedance.Thanks!
  • Ben 10/16/18 8:32 AM Asked.