FX Audio TUBE-01 6J1 /JAN 5654W Tube Buffer HIFI Preamplifier

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Using classical tube 6j1 design and optimize the route.
Tube can be replaced design,soft voice.
Patent power conversion module.
The first vehicle with DC12V power supply only.
All aluminum alloy shell,heavy gold PCB,gold-plated interface.
Can match digital power amplifier analog power amplifier,active speakers.



Power supply: DC12V 1A
Frequency response: 20HZ(-0.2DB)-20KHZ(-0.2DB)
SNR: 100DB
Input sensitivity: 300MV-2000MV
Output: 3000 mv
THD:1000MV 0.1%

Size:98x100x32 MM

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Yes I have contacted the seller and they refunded my money but I would still like to fix the unit if possible. I would very much appreciate it if you could put me in contact with the factory! Thanks Bob Canada
  • A: Hi, we can help you to transfer your problem to factory. Please tell us your problem. Thanks
  • Bob Canada 5/17/18 5:04 PM Asked.
  • Q: I received one of these units from a resaler and it was defective. Is it possible to buy just the completed circuit board? As I do not need a new case, wall plug, or tubes.
  • A: Hi, thank you for your question. Please you can contact the seller which you purchased the item, they can help to do the after-sales service for you. If they can't , i can help to transfer your problem to factory and try our best to help you to solve your problem. Thanks and best regards.
  • Bob Canada 5/15/18 9:01 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hi I just received this unit an$ like it. Using this in the tape loop of my receiver to add some tube sound. My question is, where should I put the volume on the tube buffer? Should I make it match the output from the straight-through source, or turn it all the way up and reduce my main receiver volume to compensate? Also, is the gain in volume being amplified by the tubes, or is there an additional solid state amplification? Thanks in advance.
  • A: Hi, kindly check the below steps: 1. We suggest to adjust the volume at 70-80% on your tape. 2. The tube-01 is the second amplifty step, so we suggest not to volume up the audio source too much. Thanks and best regasrds. Shenzhenaudio
  • Brent 3/24/18 7:28 PM Asked.
  • Q: Can it always be left on and connected to my amp’s switched outlet to turn it on. Amp has a remote. This way my remote will turn on the amp and fx 01. Is that ok? Or will it hurt the tube? Thanks
  • A: Hi, thank you for your question. It's better not to do like this. Please turn off the product when you don't use it, or it will effect the using time. Thanks and best regards. Shenzhenaudio
  • Gregg 3/20/18 8:38 PM Asked.
  • Q: Good day, can I use EF91 tubes?
  • A: Dear Dario,it can't.Thank you.
  • Dario 2/6/18 4:19 AM Asked.