FiiO RC-UE2B UETF10/SF5/3/IE40/30/FLC8 Line Balance Headset Upgrade



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Tension resistance,wear resistance,not easy ageing.
Equilibrium output.
Separate line around the ear,the positive and negative signals to achieve the balance.
Improve the immunity ability of external noise,improve signal-to-noise ratio.
Wider sound field performance,more compact bass effect.



Wire core:Silver plated brass
Skin:Teflon FEP
About eight regional structure,track ground independence
Length:120cm (not include the plug)
Conductor diameter:26AWG (Ф0.4mm)
Conductor with cortical diameter:Ф0.6mm
Line body diameter:Ф2.5mm
Finished mono headset line impedance:0.16Ω(1.2m)
To adapt to the temperature:-80-200℃
High voltage:150V
Pin diameter:0.75mm

Apply:Fi10(pro)/super.Fi5 Pro/Siper.Fi 3 Studio/M-AUDIO IE-40/IE-30/IE-20XB/IE-10/FLC8/

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