X-Trillion T200 Earphone Tips 3 Pairs Black



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The main purpose of the memory cotton earbuds:
1. The improved before old sponge hardness problem, on the material adopts enamel coating can prevent sweat, stain resistant and function of antibacterial, so even if you don't wear a sponge can also wear to give others, not like other sponge easily absorb color and very unhealthy.

2. Use memory sponge sponge, slow response speed, the ear pressure is very small, as the sponge to the human body temperature, will gradually weak, let you wear headphones, no burden.

3. It is the most common earplugs sponge, standard caliber, support almost all other than the small mouth in-ear headphones, buy a pair of more pair.No hard tube in the middle.


A large pair 

A medium pair

A small pair

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