Little Dot MK3 SE MKIII SE LD 6N11 Tube Transistor Balance Pure Class A Amplifice

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Little Dot LD III SE is a mixed tube-transistor,balance amplifice.
Former level tube adopts 6N11(6922/ECC88,etc);
Transistor part adopts full discrete,full symmetry,pure class a circuit amp;
The machine to the whole balance,the balance is compatible with,have XLR balanced input,output,also have a RCA input,6.35 output;
Very delicate secondary oxidation technology on chassis,and a gold-plated pipe rack.



The input terminals:
Balance: XLR 3 p x2
Ubalance: RCA x2

The output terminal:
Balance: XLR 4 p x1
Ubalance: 6.35 mm x1

Input impedance:10K ohm
Distortion degree:0.001%(1000 hz)(output: 2v RMS)
Frequency response:5 hz-100 KHZ(1 dB)
Output power:
2.5W (32 ohm)
1.8W (120 ohm)
0.8W (300 ohm)
Adapter headphone impedance:32 ohm-600 ohm
Gain = HIGH:9
Gain = LOW:4.5
The power consumption:30 VA

Questions & Answers

  • Q: I need a copy of the circuit diagram. Thanks in advance.
  • A: Dear Juergen,they doesn't provide circuit diagram.Thank you.
  • Juergen Rymus 1/15/18 4:57 PM Asked.
  • Q: I own Sennheiser HD800 headphones with an HDVD 800 headphone amp. I would like to hear my headphones driven by tubes. How much of a difference or what kind of difference am I going to hear with the Little Dot MK III SE LD 6N11 versus the much more expensive Little Dot MK8 VIII SE? Thanks for reading, Trevor
  • A: Hi Trevor, 6n11 MK III SE is a gallstone in combination with the tube and the transistor models. MK8SE is pure tube models. Both can work with Sennheiser HD800 headphones. MK8SE better than MK III SE. Best Regards
  • Trevor Monroe 6/12/17 8:47 PM Asked.