SMSL T1 DAC DSD512 Tube Headphone Amplifier 384kHz Optical\Coaxial\USB\Decoder



Product Details


USB sampling PCM support to 32 bit/384 kHz,DSD512 hard solution.

High quality independent design,can be used as a separate decoder/amp.

In order to avoid the influence on decoding part,bile duct fever structure adopted aluminium body isolation type design,reduce the temperature drift and interference.

The warmth of the bile duct with years of accumulation of decoding design capability,sound warm and moving.

Bravery former stage amplifier function,convenient take active speakers or amplifiers.

Built-in relay protection,to avoid impact on/off,to protect the ears and equipment.

USD/Optical/coaxial/RCA analog input,add headphones mouth/decoding RCA simulation/former stage amplifier output,better docking your device.

Using CM6632A this performance is strong,can achieve native DSD digital flow of high-speed transmission chip as the receiving chip,and decoding the core part,is the audio chip AK4490EQ AKM company, support PCM32BIT/384 KHZ and DSD512 decoding, CM6632A+AK3390EQ combination,on PCHIFI implements DSD transmission and hard solutions for the perfect solution.



Input:USD/Optical/Coaxial/Analog input
THD+N DAC out:0.001%
Dynamic range:118dB
DAC out signal-to-noise ratio: 107 dB
Signal to noise ratio amp:94dB
The USB transmission mode:asynchronous transmission
USB compatibility: Windows 7/8/8.1/10;Mac OSX10.6 above
A deep;USB:16-32 bit 1 bit
Optical,coaxial:16-24 bit
Sampling rate.USB PCM:44.1-384kHz
USB DSD:2.8224/5.6448/11.2896/22.5792 MHz
Output power amp: 32Ω[email protected]=0.1%
                                   64Ω[email protected]=0.1%
                                  150Ω[email protected]=0.1%
                                  300Ω[email protected]=0.1%
DAC output level:2Vrms
Power consumption:11.6W
Standby power:1.4W

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Can the headphone amp of the SMSL T1 properly drive the 600ohm Beyerdynamic T1 headphones?
  • A: Hi Pedro,The smsl factory don't advise T1 to drive the 600ohm headphone.T1 is use with 30-300ohm headphone is perfect.Thank you.
  • Pedro 1/2/17 6:52 PM Asked.
  • Q: standart power supply recommended to change to linear power suplpy for best sound?
  • A: Hi yuri,yes,you can change to linear power suplpy for best sound.Thank you.
  • yuri 12/23/16 4:06 PM Asked.
  • Q: Please could you tell me if both the pre-out and DAC-out outputs use the valve or just one? If only one, which one? Many thanks.
  • A: Hi Chris,it just pre-out use the valve.Thank you.
  • Chris 12/14/16 4:19 AM Asked.
  • Q: How long is the tube expected to last? How would I find someone to replace it? Do you have service outlets in Canada?
  • A: Hi Paul,the tube can use 5000-10000 hours.You can but the tube from us if it's break.We have no service outlets in Canada.But don't worry,we have warranty,you can ship back to repair or replace.Thank you.
  • Paul 11/26/16 5:28 PM Asked.
  • Q: Can I play my music files from Android phone by connecting to T1 using OTG cable?
  • A: Hi Lor, Yes,of course.It can connect Android.
  • Lor 11/25/16 8:20 AM Asked.