FORREST FLC8S IEMs HiFi Triple-Driver Hybrid 2BA+Dynamic In-Ear Earphones

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  • FORREST FLC8S IEMs HiFi Triple-Driver Hybrid 2BA+Dynamic In-Ear Earphones
  • FORREST FLC8S IEMs HiFi Triple-Driver Hybrid 2BA+Dynamic In-Ear Earphones
  • FORREST FLC8S IEMs HiFi Triple-Driver Hybrid 2BA+Dynamic In-Ear Earphones
  • FORREST FLC8S IEMs HiFi Triple-Driver Hybrid 2BA+Dynamic In-Ear Earphones
US$292.49 US$324.99

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FLC Technology is one of the earliest companies in China to explore the hybrid balance armature and dynamic driver technology. In 2011, it is the first company to launch a hybrids customs. The FLC 8S is the first universial hybrid balance armature and dynamic earphones by FLC technology. Due to FLC Technology's extensive experience in the hybrid technology, the FLC 8S features excellent cross over technology which creates a coherent sound between the dual balanced armature drivers and the dynamic drivers.

FLC 8S recongises that there is no one size fit all sound signature for all users. Hence, it is designed to be highly tuneable so that users can tune it according to their sound preference. While tuneable earphones are not new in the market, the FLC 8S represents the pinnacle of this technology as it allows for 36 variations of sound unlike most tuneable earphones which allows only 3 different sound signature at most.

The FLC8S comes with improved built quality and comes with braided cables as compared to the FLC


  • Portable design, light and compact
  • Ergonomic cavity design, wearing comfortable
  • Elegant and low-key color scheme, Light and decoration simple packaging


Three tuning patent technology

“APRV” lite: Adjust Pressure Relief Valve
“ECS” lite: Emission Control System
“MFO” lite: Mid Frequency Overlying


Ultra-high precision cavity structure

High precision phase frequency division
Sound natural and smooth


Rich tuning options

Elaborate 36 kinds of classic tuning


Pure crystal: 7n single crystal copper

We chose 7n core single crystal copper wire insulation surface, this is "almost the most clean and pure crystal copper body in the audio industry", to ensure complete signal is not lost in the process of transmission.


Soft and tough, fine multi-core reinforcement

In order to increase the flexibility of the line, we choose the strongest anti-sway superfine wire core, supplemented by double tensile fiber, soft and more durable.


A integrated, eliminating joints phase synchronization

When a signal is transmitted to the splitter welding face, signal integrity will be destroyed, we take special textiles to abandon the traditional way-point line.


Special weaving, smooth line body weakened auscultation

We design and manufacture special knitting machines, produced more stable than the topological structure of manpower eliminate more tension, so that the line more soft, less auscultation.


Driver unit:

  • 8.6 mm dynamic unit x 1
  • Balanced Armature x 2
  • Three mixed speakers on each side

Rated Impedance: 11 Ohm
Frequency response: 20Hz- 20KHz
Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated plug
Cable: 1.30 mm TPU cable
Cable length: 1.2m


1 x FLC8S Earphone
1 x Metal Case
1 x Earwax Cleaning Tool
1 x 1/4" to 3.5mm Adapter
1 x Tuning Accessories Box
8 x Tuning Bore (4 groups)
1 x Airplane Earphone Adapter
8 Pair x Silicon Tips (Ultra-S,S,M,L)
9 x Low Frequency Trning Plug (3 groups)
9 x Ultra-Low Frequency Trning Plug (3 groups)



Questions & Answers

  • Q: Do u guys accept returns? Like if I didn't like the product will u take it back? If yes whats the process? Do i need to ship back back u guys can pick it up? And can u guys under value it for customs?
  • A: Dear, We accept return but the item not affect the secondary sales can be returned, And we can under value to you. Thank you
  • Debuna 1/14/18 5:03 PM Asked.
  • Q: hy guys. do you guys ship to india? how much time does it take . do you guys accept debit cards as payment. and what abt the warrenty?
  • A: Dear debuna,we can ship to India.It will take 4-8 days arrive.We just accept paypal and provide 1 year warranty.Thank you.
  • debuna 12/19/17 9:49 AM Asked.
  • Q: How long will it take to ship the earphone to USA using free shipping?
  • A: Hi KL,it will take 5-15 days arrive USA via free shipping.It has tracking number.Thank you.
  • KL 8/19/17 5:13 PM Asked.
  • Q: Can be shipped to Argentina? Would you declare it as low value to help with the customs? Does it have a tracking number? Thanks
  • A: Hi Agustin,yes,we can ship to Argentina via EMS,it has tracking number.And we will declare 30usd as sample.Thank you.
  • Agustin 7/3/17 2:32 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hi, do tou sell the latest 2016 version, with no memory effect cable and shorten strain relief? It appears to be exactly this: and does not match the images of the product description.
  • A: Hi Fabio,we just have the newest version.Thank you.
  • Fabio 6/4/17 5:31 AM Asked.