SHOZY Zero HIFI in-ear earphone ie8 ie800 customization earphone



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Shozy,set design,development,production in one.Zero as the in-ear earphone,brand is the concentration of various elite,tuning by domestic famous engineer Jupiter,spent nearly one year,carefully designed to grind out the first in-ear earphone.

Shozy Zero with contracted in-ear design, wear comfortable.Headphones before shell composed of + CNC lathe precision machining,with special acoustic structure design, let ordinary sperker,showing excellent voice;After shell, line,headphones shell, is with red sandalwood, precision lathe processing,perfect products after selective (about 1500 sets of wooden shell can pick out more than 300 sets).Imported speaker unit,high sensitive low resistance,mobile phones can be a good driver, if put on high-end players,Decoder Headphone Amplifier,increasing obviously,the effect is much better.

Shozy Zero,both the quality of the modern earphone,again with the smell of old earphone,is a collection of quality and listening at an organic whole,rare in-ear earphone.



Synergizing the essence of audio engineering excellence and accoustic tuning experiences,ZERO,featuring a customized CNC metal nozzle and dense rosewood body,is simply designed to impress.
The design involves years of tuning expertise,supervised by a renowned acoustic tuning enginner under the name Jupiter.


Finely milled and CNC processed noizze with specical acoustic venting design.
Dense imported rosewood CNCed and polished finely into a summetrical acoustic chamber.
All wood parts are paired and well choosen foe the retail version,roughly only 1/5 of the produced housing are picked into producing the final product.
Imported ultra high efficiency driver of low impedance/high sensitvity.
Suitable for phones and high end DAPs which has low output impedance.


Sensitivity(at 1khz)94dB
Frequency Response 20Hz-18kHz
Input connector 3.5mm/1/8 inch gold-plated stereo TRS plug



Zero earphone ×1
Carrying pouch ×1
Flanges ×3 sizes
use manual ×1

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