TFZ Balance 2 Double Moving Coil N52 Unit In Ear Monitor Earphone

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New generation of N52 magnet units

5 -40KKhZ frequency response curve

All CNC metal production

Balance 2/2M high-performance in-ear earphones use a new generation of ultra-thin composite nano-diaphragm, and it is the first use of N52 high-energy magnets, providing a wider frequency and dynamic response.

The density of the sound reduction and resolution are retained based on the double-layer dynamic dual-tone cavity, and the reproduction level closer to the recording source can be provided in the hi-res standard player mode.

TFZ Balance2 / 2M series headphones will provide two versions for you to choose 1. Balance 2M for the use of standard MMCX connector detachable cable, the follow-up will gradually provide other different material different colors. Balance 2 is a version without MMCX connector detachable cable.


Pre-market series, each model provides two different materials of different colors: 1. the whole high - purity electrolytic copper material (unilateral headphone weight 10.8g) 2. The whole headphones are Magnesium alloy materials, (The weight of the headphone is 4.8g) Balance 2 / 2M earphone will be equipped with 8-strand high-density twist-braided silver-plated wire to provide better transparency at lower wire resistance.


Speaker Driver:12MM (N52)

Frequency Response: 5-40KHz

Sensitivity: 108dB/mW

Impedance: 16ohm

Plug Diameter: 3.5mm

Wire Length: 1.2M


TFZ B2 earphone

8 pairs of silicone eartips

1 pair of foam eartips

2 adapters

Carrying bag

1 pair of earhook


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