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Sample rate, oversampling and non-oversampling: https: //pan.baidu.com/s/1mifMAta

The user can read this article, to learn more about how to select the sampling mode


Instructions for use: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qXWM9aO

Software Setup Manual: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1b6QHoq

USB driver WIN10: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1nvrVMPV

USB drive WIN7 / 8: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1mhR92m0


New firmware for USB (16.92): http://pan.baidu.com/s/1slGkPrR

USB firmware refresh method: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dEOZgit

Please note that just only brush the firmware, if you use another firmware,this unit will not work


Re-invent the wheel. Yes, we invented a new wheel again. Although, the original round wheel is already a classic design. Obviously, I would not like any other designer, just for a maverick look and the invention of a triangle or a square wheel. This time, in order to get rid of the constraints of the DAC chip, I used discrete components to form the R2R DAC module. This module not only looks "cool". Performance and functionality beyond any existing DAC chip.


Can support DSR's R2R DAC. Spring is the world's first R2R DAC to support DSD, and is by far the only one. This is not the DSD into PCM after the digital analog conversion, but directly to the discrete components of the DSD digital analog conversion


Spring has a variety of sampling modes and flexible conversion mode

NOS mode, without digital oversampling, the original data directly to the analog conversion. NOS can avoid these problems because digital oversampling can produce time-domain distortions such as ringing effects. NOS will usually have a significant impact on other performance indicators, but the spring design can make the NOS mode also maintain a good performance indicators.

OS mode, make PCM oversampling to reach a higher frequency PCM, the DSD oversampling to a higher frequency DSD, and then digital analog conversion.

OS PCM mode, whether it is PCM input or DSD input, will be oversampled to PCM mode for digital analog conversion

OS DSD mode, whether PCM input or DSD input, will be oversampled to DSD mode for digital analog conversion

Quan's digital input interface, including, USB (ground isolation), RCA, BNC, AES, optical fiber, HDMI interface, I2S. All digital input interfaces support DSD (DOP mode). Spring analog output interface for the single-ended and balanced each group.


Spring has an upgrade option, the machine's 4 filter capacitors replaced Jensen 4700uF / 63V. For the sound effects will be more relaxed, transparent


Spring is a R2R structure DAC, and is different from the modern popular delta-sigma-type DAC, R2R in a clock can be restored within a sampling point of the analog value, and delta-sigma is oversampled after the high-speed digital 0 and 1 to represent an analog quantity. In contrast, the conversion structure of R2R is directly and purely, and delta-sigma is essentially a digital chip, high-speed 0 and 1 to switch the digital signal to low-pass filter to the analog signal process is prone to various problems, Resulting in digital flavor, but also in the process of oversampling will inevitably lead to some ringing distortion. But the R2R structure of the DAC, because of the need for high-precision resistor network, the cost is very expensive. The delta-sigma DAC is essentially a digital chip, so the cost is very low.

"Spring" including digital input interface, USB (ground isolation), RCA, BNC, AES, optical fiber, HDMI I2S interface.All digital input interface support DSD (DOP)."Spring" analog output interface for single-ended and balance the a group.Its support for the PCM and DSD sampling rate listed in the below.

COAXIAL1, COAXIAL2:PCM 44.1-192K (24bit)


USB:PCM 44.1-384K (32bit) / DSD 64-256X (DOP) / DSD 64-512X (Native)

I2S:PCM 44.1-384k (32bit) / DSD 64-512X


Size:16.9* 11.8*2.1 inches



1x Set of RCA (Single-Ended) Outputs

1x Set of XLR (Balanced) Outputs

1x AES/EBU Input

1x Coaxial Input

1x TOSLINK Input

1x BNC Input

1x HDMI/I2S(?) Input

1x USB Input

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Здравствуйте.Сколько стоит HOLO AUDIO SPRING 3?Спасибо.
  • A: Hi oleg,We have no stock of this product. You can have a look at this product https://www.shenzhenaudio.com/matrix-x-sabre-pro-mqa-xsp-master-digital-audio-hifi-music-decoder-dac-es9311-xmos-xu216-usb-iis-optical-pcm-dsd-decorder.html Thank you!
  • oleg 12/7/18 2:05 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hello when there would be stock is compatible with W10 ?. where are the firmware thanks
  • A: Hi,we can't make promise for you when it will be in stock.Sorry for this inconvenience.Download link:https://download.shenzhenaudio.com/HoloAudio/ .Thank you!
  • FERNANDO JOSE 11/14/18 9:06 AM Asked.
  • Q: hola no hay stock? cuales son las medidas con el paquete de embalaje? gracias
  • A: Hi,This product is out of stock now. Thank you!
  • FERNANDO JOSE 11/13/18 2:25 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hi, I be ordering the Holo (deluxe edition) and Singxer SU-1 together, how long will it take to ship to Singapore ? Thank You.
  • A: Hi, we have it in stcok now. Usually we will ship products in stock within 2-3 working days. We can ship by express shipment, usually takes 3-7 working days to Singapore. Thanks and best regards. Shenzhenaudio
  • Winson Ting 3/22/18 10:31 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hi, is the 3-year warranty transferable if the Spring is sold to another user?
  • A: Hi, thank you for your message. The warranty is start from the day you place the order. If the product is under warranty, we can offer the after-sales for the customer. Please tell me the order ID so that we can check the warranty for you. Thanks and best regards. Shenzhenaudio
  • Colin Downes 3/19/18 5:08 PM Asked.