iFi Audio iPurifier Power Transmission USB Connector for DAC AMP



  • iFi Audio iPurifier Power Transmission USB Connector for DAC AMP

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The USB transmission standard was not designed for high-quality audio: audio, power & ground are all lumped into one cable for printers, hard-disk drives and the like. In the pursuit of the highest-quality of USB audio playback, this is akin to placing dedicated audio interconnects and high-current power cables together, which is far from ideal.

The iPurifier does one job and one job only; it cleans and filters audio + power at the end of the digital chain; just prior to the digital signal entering the DAC .

The specially-designed circuit restores the ‘signal waveform’ and puts the ‘analogue’ back into USB audio for a true, life-like presentation.

Future-proofed, it is able to handle high-resolution PCM/DSD and DXD at all levels.


Parameters :
USB 2.0 High-Speed (384 kHz et plus)
Compatible PCM, DXD, DSD
Filtrage EMI
Élimination du bruit de fond
Nettoyage du courant d'alimentation USB
Impédance : 90 Ohms
Structure en aluminium
Dimensions: 62 * 18 * 19 mm
Poids : 32 g

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