JVC HA-FX101 XX Xtreme Xplosives Deep Bass In-ear earphones




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The JVC HA-FX101R headphones feature an in-ear design that helps delivering good through-put of sound and protects against surrounding noise. The ergonomic contoured form of these in-ear headphones gives comfortable fitting allowing users to use these headphones for long hours. Moreover, these JVC headphones have rubber protectors for durability and a sporty design, making it a suitable choice for outdoor activities.

These JVC headphones employ 8.5-mm driver units with neodymium magnets in order to deliver a powerful sound.

Furthermore, a low frequency response of 5 Hz and a maximum frequency response of 20,000 Hz not only deliver good sound effects but also very deep bass effects. The extreme deep bass ports in these JVC headphones further enhance the music experience of users. These in-ear headphones have a nominal impedance of 16 Ohms and a sensitivity rating of 101 dB, which makes it a suitable companion for portable music players especially iPod and iPhone.

The JVC HA-FX101 headphones are accompanied by three different sized earpieces for custom fitting, have a 1.2-m long cord, and weigh around 4.0 g.



Fit Design:In-Ear

Earpiece Design:Canal Earbud (In Ear Canal)

Sensitivity:101 dB

Frequency Response:5 Hz - 20 kHz

Impedance:16 ohms

Features:Lightweight, Noise Isolating

Connectivity Type:Wired

Plug Type:3.5mm (1/8")

Use:Portable Audio

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