L.K.S Audio ES9018 Single Chip Stereo DAC Kit for DIYer



  • L.K.S Audio ES9018 Single Chip Stereo DAC Kit for DIYer
  • L.K.S Audio ES9018 Single Chip Stereo DAC Kit for DIYer
  • L.K.S Audio ES9018 Single Chip Stereo DAC Kit for DIYer
  • L.K.S Audio ES9018 Single Chip Stereo DAC Kit for DIYer
  • L.K.S Audio ES9018 Single Chip Stereo DAC Kit for DIYer
  • L.K.S Audio ES9018 Single Chip Stereo DAC Kit for DIYer
  • L.K.S Audio ES9018 Single Chip Stereo DAC Kit for DIYer

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User guide: http://download.shenzhenaudio.com/drivers/L.K.S.DIYer.CN.zip    (CN VERSION)

Most elements of this package for SMD components, provide advanced DIY players, the owner will be produced to provide detailed information to the players, the board debug all functions are completed, no BUG, no fly line, but because of all the parts needed buyers soldering own, so please technology, however students choose carefully!


Design specifications:
1. Using the most top audio DAC ES9018s design, all soft control programs, flexibility, dynamic sound field, knot strength and excellent low high school three frequency convergence is the machine's strengths, well worth making, if the sound there are doubts, refer to sales records and customer evaluation of the in-store product ES9018 machine.
2. Input: coaxial, fiber optic, BNC, AES / EBU supports 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192K.
3. Inputs: USB, I2S support PCM 384K / 32bit, DSD64, DSD128, DSD256.
4. Output: Balanced port 5Vrms, unbalanced port 2Vrms?.
5. 6 single op amp high performance I / V conversion circuit and LPF circuit.
6. (Optional) scalable VFD display through the interface. Support 20 * 2 character VFD (Japanese Futaba Futaba electronic system).
7. (optional) can be extended through the interface ALPS? EC11 Rotary Encoder rotary encoder switches do function rotary (feature set, input selection, volume control integrated).
8. 0 ~ 16? Steps adjustable volume.
9. Under 9. PCM mode 2 filter modes are available, under the DSD mode three kinds of filtering modes are available.
10. 21 blue LED lights can be used as information display.
11. Input power? + 15V / -15V ?? 200mA supply IV, LPF circuit.
12. VAA5 / 500mA supply ES9018 analog part; VDD5V / 500mA supply ES9018 digital part; VMCU5V / 500mA supply control section.




Kits Board Configurations:
Configuring One (minimum configuration): four thick gold-plated copper PCB board a + MCU controller.

Configuring Two (basic configuration): PCB board a + MCU controller + ES9018S chip + custom low phase noise 100M 0.3ppm TCXO + IC + all SMD chip resistors + chip capacitors (This configuration does not include the terminal board and all the pins elements)

Configuring Three: All parts, including the motherboard in addition to the op amp all the components outside

Configuring Four: Welding and commissioning of the finished board (not including 6 op amp)

Kits Board Options:
Option One: Italy Amanero USB DSD module, with installation of pillars, screws.

Option Two: Futaba VFD Display + ALPS coding switch + cable

Option Three: Power board PCB board + send five heatsink + screw + terminals

Option Four: Power Kit, including a power supply board PCB, LM317 4 只, LM337 (ON produced) one, 21DQ10 Schottky regulator 16, Nover 5600uF / 40V capacitor 5, nichicon Muse KZ 470uF / 25V capacitor 2, Sanyo Sanyo OSCON 470uF / 16V capacitor 3, nichicon FG 47uF / 50V 5 只, Wima capacitors number, Dale resistors number



Single ES9018 chip Hi-Fi Stereo DAC kit, based on the world highest performance DAC chip from ESStech.
4-layer Fr-4 PCB, in purpose of reaching highest performace.
Single ES9018 chips work in Stereo Mode.
Amanero Combo384 USB module integrated. Support DSD64,DSD128,( DSD256,DSD512 in Microsoft OS) .
USB I2S supports up to 384K/32bit.
AES/EBU,COAX,BNC, OPT input, support 44.1K, 48k,88.2k,96k,176.4k,192k sample rate.
 XLR balanced (5Vrms)and RCA unblanced(2Vrms) output.
Digital volume control range from 0dB~-127dB.
ALPS EC11 rotater for function and volume setting.
20*2 Characters VFD displyer.
THD< 0.0002% ,DNR> 123dB, SNR>125dB

1 Kit board design principles are: to maintain a high standard of circuit design and material selection, while leaving as much space Shaoyou DIY motorized machines.
PCB with high quality thick gold four-layer board design, availability of high-noise ratio and output dynamic range. Thickness 2mm, four copper thickness are 2oz (oz). Gold layer thickness 5u-inch.
All soft control scheme, the motherboard controller is built? VFD2002 display driver and ALPS? EC11 rotary encoder driven. Can interface to external expansion through the motherboard VFD display and rotary switch, volume control support gradient of 0 to 16.

2 Users can expand outside of ALPS rotary encoder signal input rotation mode settings, volume adjustment and so on.
Display with Japanese Futaba (Futaba) vacuum fluorescent display, showing exceptional. Full information screen can display the signal of the current use, the filter mode, the sampling rate information.
Meanwhile, in the absence of the display, you can use three buttons on the motherboard for signal selection and volume adjustment (adjustable from 0 to 16), and there are 21 LED lights on the motherboard, the necessary information can be displayed in full.
3 To increase the USB? DSD module, USB module for the world's top level of Italian Amanero USB DSD PCM combo384 module. Spike PCI sound card, comparable to the high-priced dial.
USB support 32bit PCM 44.1K 48K 88.2K 96K 176.4K, 192K, 352.8K? 384K.
DSD support DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512.
Supports 32-bit Windows? XP / Vista / win7 / win8 need to install proprietary drivers (support KS / Wasapi / WDM / ASIO).
Mac OS 10.6+ and Linux UAC2 without driver.

4. PCB board size is very small, 22 * 16cm, the proportion of very nice coordination, export terminals in the same layout all surfaces, easy to design their own chassis installation.

Good decoder, power must be designed to focus, so we have adopted a multi-channel power supply, 9018 cores, digital, analog, I / V converter / LPF, control parts, display and other features has a separate power supply chip power, reducing interference between the various functional blocks, and strive to achieve the best sound. PCB strict accordance with the digital, analog, is divided into blocks and single-point ground handling.

Regulator chip uses a Linear? Sprinter ultra low noise regulator LT1763. The regulator has a noise output in low 20uVrms 10Hz ~ 100KHz frequency band, the output current up to 500mA, performance is extremely good. Board also designed another alternative to the regulator, the figure that is empty position, where you can use National Semiconductor NS's LP38798 to replace LT1763. LP38798 is a performance extremely perverted regulator, under 10Hz ~ 100KHz bandwidth, output noise as low as 5uVrms. Output current up to 800mA, and the compression ratio of the output ripple under 10KHz PSRR is 90dB. (Usually at 1KHz if PSRR 70dB already reached a high ripple rejection ratio regulator of) 100KHz when 60dB.

5 Analog output section, a single operational amplifier design, you can use the op amp seat, to facilitate replacement of the op amp.

ES9018 crystal, designed in two sizes, one is the size of a common DIP14 crystal elongated legs, the other is Crystek CCHD-9XX type of SMD pads.

Coaxial, BNC, AES / EBU input circuit, using Murata Murata digital transformer, the perfect support for 192K spdif input, than the usual PE-65612, DV709 these bandwidth is much higher. spdif receiving section uses high-sensitivity, high-speed RS422 receiver signal reduction accurate than common 74HCU04 circuit.

6 Fiber head is 25M ultra high-speed head.
Board input and output terminals range, covering most of the current interface various common audio equipment.

There are six kinds of input terminals 7 Specifications: Coaxial, BNC, fiber, AES / EBU, USB, I2S, this six signal input can be selected through the screen with the rotary switch. (Signals can all access, you need to use which one to choose which channel on the display, and with a memory function, power is automatically restored once the memory configuration).

Coaxial, fiber optic, BNC, AES / EBU all perfect support 44K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192K sampling rate, and can accurately display on the screen.

USB supports DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512, PCM supports up to 384K.

There are two output terminals of the specification: XLR fully balanced output (real balance) (5Vrms), RCA unbalanced outputs (2Vrms).

Power board using double-sided 20z (76um) thick copper design, thickness 2mm, 5-way power, LM317, LM337 regulator. Adaptation motherboard power supply needs. Power board size is 9cm * 20cm, installed and fully consider the size of the problem with the motherboard, ensuring 430 chassis can accommodate. Power moderators filter capacitor for Nover 5600uF / 40V, you can own with the likes Shaoyou capacitor, the capacitor can hold a maximum diameter of reserved space for a variety of two feet capacitance (such as larger diameter nichicon super through Series) 35mm or less

P.S.: Many users are concerned with question question on many parameters. This kit does not use professional AP tester to test. Asus computer only XONAR D2 PCI sound card is probably the RMAA tests done (fairly and 1212M), because limited back recorded sound card circuit tester can not be compared with the AP, but RMAA back recorded test parameters can basically reflect this kit level of.

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Where can I find a case for this dac? Also am looking at configuration 2, option 3, will this work as a stand alone dac? Do i need a power supply?
  • A: Hi Lyle,yes,the case is 155usd including shipping fee.It need a power supply.Thank you.
  • Lyle 10/20/17 5:13 PM Asked.
  • Q: is2 input, there's not a rear photo about this board. I don't see I2S input
  • A: Hi Marcello,it has the i2s input.Thank you.
  • Marcello 4/25/17 3:07 AM Asked.
  • Q: How can I order board "Configuring Three" PLUS Option One(Amanero) AND Option Two (display) and Option Three? You system let choose only one option.
  • A: Hi Dmitriy,do you want order "Configuring Three,Option One,Option Two,Option Three"?Thank you.
  • Dmitriy 3/1/17 1:34 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hello there, plese, how much cunfiguring four with option one (amanero) and shipped to italy. Best from rome. Andrea [email protected]
  • A: Hi andrea, Thank you for your email. You can choose the option.And we will pay the shipping fee via DHL. It will take 2-7 days arrive rome. Thank you.
  • andrea vinciguerra 1/30/17 6:51 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hello Does Configuration 4 and Option 4 include a Aluminum Enclosure ?
  • A: Hi enu,the Configuration 4 and Option 4 isn't including a Aluminum Enclosure.The a Aluminum Enclosure is 80usd.Thank you.
  • enu 9/15/16 11:35 PM Asked.