L.K.S Audio MH-DA003 ES9018 * 2 Dual-Channel Decoder Amanero USB DSD DAC Crystek Femto Clock



  • L.K.S Audio MH-DA003 ES9018 * 2 Dual-Channel Decoder Amanero USB DSD DAC Crystek Femto Clock
  • L.K.S Audio MH-DA003 ES9018 * 2 Dual-Channel Decoder Amanero USB DSD DAC Crystek Femto Clock
  • L.K.S Audio MH-DA003 ES9018 * 2 Dual-Channel Decoder Amanero USB DSD DAC Crystek Femto Clock
  • L.K.S Audio MH-DA003 ES9018 * 2 Dual-Channel Decoder Amanero USB DSD DAC Crystek Femto Clock
  • L.K.S Audio MH-DA003 ES9018 * 2 Dual-Channel Decoder Amanero USB DSD DAC Crystek Femto Clock
  • L.K.S Audio MH-DA003 ES9018 * 2 Dual-Channel Decoder Amanero USB DSD DAC Crystek Femto Clock

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This item use a new usb module (an upgraded version) !

Registered customers can purchase this new usb module in:


Standard Edition:AmaneroUSB module (USB module using common crystals,with no independent power supply modules),use 4 OPA1612 op-amp.

USB Upgrade Edition:The USB component upgrades+op-amp.Using high-end AmaneroUSB module (USB module adopts two Crystek CCHD-957 clock,with independent power supply modules),op-amp with LME49990 (4 single op-amp into two double op-amp)+OPA627AU (4 single op-amp into two double op-amp).

From the front of a MH-DA002 decoder in August 2013 launch date, MH-DA002 models have been selling more than a year (two 9018 first-generation product from May 2012 began selling a), in this more than a year's time, a lot of enthusiastic users to provide us with some very pertinent suggestions. On the basis of user recommendations, we re-developed the MH-DA003 models, this new model, in terms of the choice of materials and sound performance, have reached a new level.


The effects of several key points to adjust the sound of the material:

1. AC power input socket using Furukawa's FI-03 gold-plated power seat insured and equipped with specially designed for HiFi Audio silver fuse.

2. Use two oxygen-free copper wire wound 50VA toroidal transformer, the transformer lead all use a square silver-plated oxygen-free copper wire heart signal line.

3. AC transformer input rectifier diodes using Philips BYW29 series of ultra-high-speed diodes.

4. The primary filter uses a large capacitor capacitance nichicon top of KG, other parts of the capacitor using nichicon FG FM system with panasonic top class match.

5. The use of Class A discrete analog portion of supply Toshiba sound supervisor C2240 / A1930 composition.

6. Low voltage, digital, analog circuit using LT317 and LT1763 regulator ultra low noise, and each functional component has independent regulator supply.

7. Using excellent results in ultra-low jitter (US Crystek 82fs) to fly second supply ES9018, you can get excellent background Quietness and better sound cohesion. (On the fly seconds, Hong Kong consumers have changed quite a lot of friction, we also have a lot of old users on the MH-DA002 changed Mogadishu seconds into the flight module)

8. The use of ultra-low contact resistance Fujitsu Takamizawa signal relay as a mute switch.

9. Audio output using Cardas rhodium-plated RCA Master Card Holders, rhodium-plated RCA Block strong antioxidant and can significantly improve the degree of wear-jack, so RCA connectors timeless, long-term use will not cause audio port is bad deterioration in sound quality.

10. The machine is designed remote control, with our specially designed remote control, users can be more convenient control decoder, boot, standby, etc. All functions can be done by remote control. Each button on the remote control, respectively, a feature greatly simplifies the handling difficult.

11. The use of the large size of VFD vacuum fluorescent display. Fonts greater clarity, long-distance remote control is also easy to identify.

12. The details of flowers to every part of the machine screw selection. We chose imported nickel-plated screw, high precision, beautiful appearance, and can be long-lasting antioxidant, preventing the cover screws rust affect the appearance.


About Chassis:
We further strengthened the details of the deal chassis. MH-DA003 chassis with a high-specification aluminum precision CNC machine engraving on. Molding thickness of the front panel is 18 mm, the rear plate 8 mm, left and right side plates 10 mm, upper and lower cover are 4 mm. Chassis is very solid and very high accuracy. Character surface using laser engraving.

This machine uses the current top Italian Amanero USB module in USB access mode supports PCM and DSD decoding, PCM supports 44.1K ~ 384K various bit rates, DSD support DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512 (Windows).

Supports 32/64 bit Windows systems XP / Vista / win7 / win8, you need to install proprietary drivers (supports KS / Wasapi / WDM / ASIO).

Mac OS 10.6+ and Linux UAC2 without driver.

Amanero USB DSD drive and use the setup method Download (please copy the following address into your browser to open)



General Specifications:

1. ES9018 dual-channel decoder in parallel, using a total of two ES9018, ES9018 operates in mono so that the left and right mono mode, respectively, the benefits of the single ES9018 machines than double the output current can enhance the sound more solid details better, higher Naiting degrees.

2. Multiple independent power supply, power supply left and right channels, respectively, each part of the supply carry out their duties effectively improve the power supply interference problems of different functional blocks. The analog output section using a specially designed all-discrete parallel power (150mAX2 full discrete Class A parallel power circuit, the current source + amplifier + Wallman mirror circuit Billiton frequency), a huge contribution to the sound, the sound of the whole tri-band equalization, low frequency dive depth, the thickness of the intermediate frequency, high frequency and delicate texture than ordinary linear regulated power supply has improved so much.

3. Built-Italian Amanero USB module that supports SACD playback, which is the current network HD playback of music resources is a very strong weapon. USB module plus isolation chip, can be isolated from the impact after inserting the USB computer to decode the overall signal to noise ratio.

4. Support USB, I2S / DSD single-ended signal (RJ45), I2S / DSD balanced signal (HDMI), Coaxial, BNC, AES / EBU balanced, a total of seven-way fiber source input, the current input port so rarely seen a complete decoder.

5. The analog audio output port includes standard RCA single-ended outputs and XLR balanced outputs each one right.

6. display with VFD display, with Mitsubishi high transmittance display bezel, close fitting, display abnormal outstanding.

7. The use of physical buttons, a return to a more convenient mode of operation.
8. Support 0dB ~ -127dB digital volume control, 0.5dB one, a very fine adjustment. Also has a key to skip the remote to adjust the volume function.

9. Support 5 kinds of digital filter mode setting. Fast, Slow, 50K, 60K, 70K. You can choose, under different filter modes, the attenuation characteristics of the digital filter are different, will slightly affect the sense of hearing, please select your favorite mode of self to use.

10. Support to set the machine to work in mono mode, you can choose to work in the left channel or right channel, and you can specify the output terminal for L terminal or R terminals. Shao convenient divisions using two machines one channel. When single normal use, select Stero stereo output mode.

11. Supports decoding internal digital phase locked loop bandwidth settings. Recommended defaults to Auto automatically selects the mode.

12. Support Deemphasis de-emphasis on or off. Select the de-emphasis when opened, the decoder will be automatically recognized by the spdif input audio signal flag is made of pre-emphasis, and automatic sample rate corresponding de-emphasis.

13. The display has four adjustable brightness. Be adjusted by remote control.
14. The remote boot, standby function.

15. In most settings with memory function, off automatically to save settings and restore the state with the next startup when the last shutdown.

The dynamic range:> 123dB
Distortion: <0.0003%
The stereo separation> 110dB
RCA unbalanced port output amplitude 2Vrms, XLR balanced port output amplitude 5Vrms.
Machine size: 440 * 320 * 90mm
Machine weight: 8.1kg

Internal circuit design of the machine, we followed the two previous critically acclaimed parallel ES9018 decoding design ideas.

Good decoder, power must be designed to focus, so we have adopted a multi-channel power supply, 9018 cores, digital, analog, I / V converters & LPF, the control section, display and other features has a separate power supply chip power, reducing interference between the various functional blocks, and strive to do the best sound. Machine strict accordance with the digital, analog, and split single-point ground handling.

The analog output section, using the TI / BB precision audio op amp OPA1612, op amp seat belt can be replaced (dual op amp, if you need to replace the op amp friction machine, be sure to pay attention to dual op amp, if you want with a single op amp, be sure to add a single op amp's two dual op amp transfer switch a converter board). OPA1612 op amp full of flavor, the sound fidelity is also very good.

The analog output section mute switch relay with extinction POP sound and prevent the switch when decoding for post-amp DC shock. (Good habits is the first to open the boot decoding, and then open amp; amp off the first turn, then off decoding).


MH-DA003 DAC * 1
USB Cable * 1
Power Cord * 1
User Manual * 1
Remote Control * 1
Manufacturer Certificate * 1

Questions & Answers

  • Q: I also needed the manual for the DAC, could I have a copy please.
  • A: Hi Alex,please check http://www.mu-sound.com/index.asp .Thank you.
  • Alex 8/31/17 11:47 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hi, I bought DA003 recently. I run it through Jriver on PC DELL 7010. I have downloaded the amanero software, connecting the DAC with high speed USB cable. However I experience audio drop out very frequently. The sound disappears totally after 2-10 minutes of playing. I tried with other PC and foobar, it even worse, it stops producing sound after few seconds. Any solution?
  • A: Hi Ricky, Please try to setup foobar or Jriver like this http://www.mu-sound.com/about.asp?id=3 And, the DPLL should be set to "AUTO". Thank you.
  • Ricky 4/29/17 4:32 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hello. Would be possiible to upgrade to da004? Thanks
  • A: Hi Pel,it can't.thank you.
  • Pel 4/16/17 10:09 AM Asked.
  • Q: I got the L.K.S. MH-DA003 Mk II .I can choose 7 filter modes but in the manual I dont find a description how to use it. What makes the difference in those filter modes. Which one is to use when? Can I find any advice how to handle it? Thanks
  • A: Hi Marbello,where did you bought?Thank you.
  • Marbello 3/12/17 6:26 AM Asked.
  • Q: Is I2S over HDMI input compatible with PS Audio standard (LVDS over HDMI)? You wrote: "Actually , this connector is for I2S balance singal, supports 0.5V-5V electric level, the impedance is 75ohm", but that electric level in range of TTL and LVDS signal. My digital source SDtrans384.
  • A: Hi German,It can't compatible with PS audio standard.Thank you.
  • German 8/9/16 7:07 AM Asked.