L.K.S Audio SRC100 DAC Up Frequency Box DSD256 PCM384 Source Output Sampling Rate Converter

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Recommend with our shop used linear power supply:LPS-25-USB


1.The industry leading AKM4137 asynchronous frequency chips.
2.Using very low phase noise of American Crystek CCHD957 clock up to give priority to the clock source,and using the low noise LT1963 pxo independent power supply.
3.Support I2S input source port 16~32 bit 44.1K to 384K;Coaxial port support PCM 44.1K to 192K;Two ports can support 176.4K DoP input.
4.In any input signal,the output can be set through the front panel of the coding switch is one of the following kinds:44.1K,88.2K,176.4K,352.8K,DSD64,DSD128,DSD256.
5.The output I2S/DSD mouth,I2S-balance HDMI port port are defined as follows:
                  Output I2S-RJ45 port(so shape)
                  7.DSDOE(Output is 0 said transmission PCM signal,the output is 1 said DSD signal transmission)

Output I2S-HDMI port(HDMI mouth shape,here is I2S/DSD source signal transmission,not the HDMI signal,so can't received universal HDMI port)

How to use
The principle of asynchronous sampler is the received signal,through internal recalculate(increase or decrease the sampling rate),to give up the original signal at the same time,the clock of the high-level internal clock will be aligned to the clock signal,and then according to the set of data stream sent out again.
This method can optimize original obvious weak signal system,such as ordinary CD digital audio signal(signal jitter is larger),digital audio signal usb interface card,etc.
Another purpose of this machine is can receive coaxial DSD signals,convert them into a set of arbitrary signal output.


Net weight:410g

Questions & Answers

  • Q: i want to bay...i have the lks usb 100 and pioneer vsx 932 pleas tell me how i connect all toogether?? (not from coaxial output) thank's
  • A: Hi , The connection method is as follows: PC--USB cable--USB100 ---coaxial cable---pioneer vsx 932. Thank you!
  • friend 6/5/19 4:16 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hello, Can it convert DoP from Coax In to DSD64 to I2S Out? Thank you
  • A: Hi jan,it can.Thank you.
  • jan vila 10/15/17 2:46 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hi, I would like to connect this to the i2s input of Gustardx20pro. I know that the I2S port assignments are different between LKS and Gustard. How can I fix this problem?
  • A: Hi Goldbug,L.K.S SRC100 can work with Gustard.Thank you.
  • Goldbug 10/9/17 7:47 AM Asked.
  • Q: I bought this and have been impressed with the performance, thanks. Is there any plan to release a dsd512 version in the future?
  • A: Hi Bertie,the factory said that they has no plan to release a dsd512 version in the future.Thank you.
  • Bertie 7/30/17 7:04 PM Asked.
  • Q: Is the I2s output from the RJ45 port the LVDS signal type?
  • A: Hi Bazz,yes,the I2s output from the RJ45 port the LVDS signal type.Thank you.
  • Bazz 6/5/17 2:24 AM Asked.