L.K.S Audio USB-100 USB Audio Interface PCM384/DSD512 I2S RJ45 HDMI Coaxial out DSD512 with Crystek

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At the request of the masses of users,after more than a year of efforts,we finally launched a quality very good independent external USB interface.The USB interface adopts Italian Amanero Combo384 solution,after Amanero license authorization,users are free to update the official firmware.

More critical of material selection,we use the highest rated at present,the price is also the most expensive American crystek CCHD-957 clock,to obtain precise digital audio signal reconstruction.Power supply side,the interface by a single 5V dc power supply,has carried on the multiplex branch power supply inside,each branch adopts TI import of ultra low noise TPS7A4700 independent power supply,the purpose is to the power of each part crosstalk noise to a minimum.(crystals also USES independent of a regulated power TPS7A4700)

All adopt the panasonic ultra low ESR solid-state capacitors and NPO/COG power steady flow and the optimization of ceramic capacitor of decoupling(remove high-frequency noise and improve the ability of the transient discharge).

Due to the interface without power supply,recommend users to use the linear power supply of the house:LPS-25-USB 5V Low noise output linear power supply(http://www.shenzhenaudio.com/l-k-s-audio-lps-25-usb-5v-output-low-noise-linear-power-supply.html)

Sound quality,and the overall sound like very stable,instrument body feels strong,sound quality and low-frequency descend with good cohesion,acoustic field is open, the sound fresh moist,full,connect fully, on both ends of the extension,sound density is wonderful,delicate and exquisite,balance and nature.

Drive and installation instructions(after open is copied to the browser,please download):http://www.mu-sound.com/about.asp?id=3


Computer USB connection,support for Windows XP,win7、win8、win10 system (32/64),support MAC system,support system of the Linux kernel,support most android,apple with OTG function system (in apple's camera suite connections)

Output coaxial mouth(support PCM 44.1K~192 K),coaxial without DoP output;

I2S output port(I2S-E) and I2S-H,support PCM44.1K~384K,DSD64~DSD512 native native DSD output,no signal DoP.

The white LED display,can display the current work of the sampling rate.



USB interface * 1-100
USB - DC5V cable length of 0.5 m * 1


Questions & Answers

  • Q: hello!! i have the lks usb-100 and i have too pioneer vsx 932 and a pc i want to know how i play music with the usb-100?? i dont have in the pc or reciver a i2s input. how i do it?? i need to bay reciver with i2s input and connect it to my reciver??
  • A: Hi , You can connect USB100 to PC via USB cable, then connect USB100's output port to backend decoder. Thank you!
  • shanti 6/5/19 4:03 PM Asked.
  • Q: the coaxial is output? the hdmi and rj45 is input? thank you!
  • A: Hi ,The USB is input. The others are output. Thank you!
  • sheli 6/5/19 2:39 PM Asked.
  • Q: Can you change the RCA Coaxial plug to a AES output?
  • A: Hi Sergei,we can't change the Coaxial plug to a AES output.Thank you!
  • Sergei 2/9/19 8:25 PM Asked.
  • Q: Can you change the RCA Coaxial plug to a AES/EBU for XLR balanced output?
  • A: Hi Sergei,we can't change it.Thank you!
  • Sergei 2/9/19 10:20 AM Asked.
  • Q: It’s suitable for Holo Spring?
  • A: Hi Karim, USB-100 is not compatible with spring port.Thank you!
  • Karim 12/2/18 9:49 AM Asked.