Little Dot DP_I WAV Portable Digital Audio Player

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  •  Little Dot DP_I WAV Portable Digital Audio Player
  •  Little Dot DP_I WAV Portable Digital Audio Player

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The Little Dot DP_I is a digital audio player for the critical listener, supporting both lossy and lossless file formats! The Little Dot DP_I can function as a stand-alone digital audio player as well as act as a pure digital transport for use with an external DAC! SD card and USB input allows one to connect external hard drives with music for playback.

A user swappable headphone amp module (currently one module for full-sized headphones, and another for driving highly sensitive IEMs exist) allows compatibility with any headphone - from highly sensitive IEMs to full-sized high-impedance cans.

Processor: ARM926EJ
DAC: Wolfson WM8740
Digital Transceiver: Wolfson WM8804
Amplification: AD8397
SD Card Input (maximum 32GB)
Supported Formats: MP3, WAV, MWA, FLAC, APE, AAC
USB communication port (for firmware upgrade or read music files from external USB disk)
3.5mm headphone output jack
3.5mm LINE OUT
3.5mm optical digital S/PDIF input (line-out jack with integrated DAC)
3.5mm optical digital S/DPIF output (headphone jack and integrated, can drive an external DAC)
digital volume control
Replaceable headphone amp module:
a) High impedance (large headphones) drive module
b) low impedance (IEM) drive module
5-button control panel touch-operation of pure
LCD-screen vertical installation
3600 mA / H 755585 lithium-polymer battery (life 15 hours or more)
CNC machining aluminum alloy casing is made from a single aluminum core
Size: 115 (L) * 60 (W) * 20 (thickness) mm


3.5-3.5 fiber-optic lines x1
120 ohm impedance line x1
USB data cable x1
5V 1A charger x1

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