Little Dot PA_V Portable Headphone Amplifier



  • Little Dot PA_V Portable Headphone Amplifier

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This machine is the the Little Dot fifth generation portable amp (front respectively, Micro, Micro + generation MK I, MK I + 4).

Circuit: using ANALOG DEVICES company's top-op amp: AD8620 and JRC latest high output current of MUSES8920 combination, sound obvious than the previous generation of portable machine MK the I + supple, sweet; + / - 5V power supply, dynamic but also more than MK the I + (+ /-3.7V power supply) sharp.

Shell: adopted the overall aluminum similar DAC_M as engraving process, sturdy and beautiful.

Power supply: using a and DP_I 4000mA / h high-capacity lithium battery-powered, full power can work continuously for 40 hours.


Technical Parameters:

Distortion: 0.001% ( out: 1V 1000Hz )

Frequency response: 5Hz - 200KHz ( -0.5dB )

Output power: 100mW ( 32 Ohm )

Adapting the earphone impedance: 16 ohm ~ 300 ohm

Magnification: 124 times (adjustable )

Filled with an electrically continuous work time: 40H

This machine is a lithium battery having overcharge protection, not because the charging excessive damage.

Volume: 115 X 60 X 18 ( H ) mm

Net weight: 175 G



A 3.5mm signal line

A charger

A PA_V unit

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