Macaw GT600S HiFi In-ear Earphone Dynamic Driver Balanced Armature Hybrid MMCX




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HiFi in-ear dynamic & balanced armature hybrid earphone

Metal injection molding (MIM)

Austenite 316 stainless steel and the latest MIM process, the stainless steel heated to 1300 ℃ high temperature injection molding, ear shell accuracy of ± 0.3%, the thinnest wall thickness of less than 0.5mm


Silver-plated OFC (oxygen free copper) woven earphone wire

In order to let you hear more delicate and more natural, full rounded sound, the wire used a single 25-pin, 4 shares of 100 cores silver-plated OFC (oxygen free copper) woven wire. It is 3 to 4 times lower than the traditional wire impedance, reduce the loss of signal transmission, enhance the high-frequency extension, low-frequency dive deeper, restore more pure sound quality


Dynamic + metal balanced armature diaphragm element

Dynamic and balanced armature use capacitance frequency, low-frequencymedium- frequency and high-frequency sound show natural convergence.

Dynamic + balanced armature combination, integrate dynamic and analytical advantages, restore rich music details

Put the two into the same headset, the vigorous low-frequency of dynamic driver and the clear high-frequency of balanced armature combination play the advantages of both to the extreme, so that both issued a wider range, the details are more rich and delicate.

The use of dynamic and balanced armature speakers, in the same cavity space, both can have a balanced armature earplugs which had big sound density, excellent resolution and clear sense of the line, but also get dynamic ring earplugs have excellent low-frequency performance, and consequently to the excellent sense of the atmosphere, is the best complex of sound quality and music.


MMCX pluggable change cable scheme

Using coaxial MMCX interface, easy to plug, better versatility and customizable play


Adjustable mixer program

GT600s can emphasize the different sonic parts of the music, replace the tuning nozzle to adjust your headset sound quality type according to different types of music.

Bass: Black

Recommended suitable music type: HipHop, heavy metal

Standard tone: silver

Recommended suitable music type: All types

Treble enhancement: gold

Recommended suitable music type: classical, non-accompaniment music



Speaker type: Dynamic + balanced armature

Sensitivity: 98dB @ 1kHz

DC impedance: 16Ω

Frequency response range: 10-40KHz

Rated power: 4mW

Wire length: 110cm

Plug diameter: 3.5mm

Plug type: Straight



GT600s in-ear earphone

Silicone tips(S/M/L)

Standard interchangeable filter (silver)

Enhanced bass filter (Black)

Enhanced treble filter (Gold)

Memory tips (2 pairs)

Premium leather pouch

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