Musiland 03US 32Bit / 384KHz External Sound Card USB3.0 ASIO



  • Musiland 03US 32Bit / 384KHz  External Sound Card USB3.0 ASIO
  • Musiland 03US 32Bit / 384KHz  External Sound Card USB3.0 ASIO

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● Products 
Monitor 03 US Musiland sound card is designed for music enthusiasts, as well as high-quality music to enjoy digital signal output uses a USB sound card. This product incorporates MUSILAND Audio Labs research and development of high-definition independent chipset, with the Ti's high-performance digital-analog converter chip, and the latest technology, sophisticated power supply and analog amplifier circuit, making the product has a high-quality sound and high fidelity audio handling characteristics.
MUSILAND Audio Labs research and development of high-definition chip set independent from the ICU (I / O control unit, I / O control unit) MU1010 and APU (Audio processor unit, audio processing unit) MU6020 composition, similar to the computer motherboard north and south bridge chipset architecture , ICU and high-speed parallel bus through APU communication between. 
MU1010 using general-purpose programmable processor (DSP) implementation, support true USB2.0 high speed transmission, the instantaneous transfer rate up to 480Mbps. With MUSILAND dedicated driver, through high-speed parallel bus, bi-directional transmission of up to 16 channels of audio processing raw data to the APU. Cache and multi-state machine handling, making MU1010 PCI device to a system similar to the priority level, so that high-speed USB data transfer to the true real-time. 
MU6020 using a common field-programmable gate array (FPGA) implementation. MU6020 support real 32Bit audio data processing, sampling rates up to 768KHz, professional clock synthesis algorithm in the load, the use of APU internal DCM (clock management module) to generate the audio clock, restore sound files, harmonic distortion close to the human hearing limit. MU6020 integrated precision internal S / PDIF transmitter, you can complete PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS and other popular digital signal output. Because the S / PDIF transmitter driven by a precision clock, so the output signal jitter is very low, fully meet the audio requirements of laboratory test equipment accuracy. The next-generation MULINK interface can be 32Bit high-definition audio output data to an external decoder. 
* Useful function interface 
Monitor03 US high-quality stereo sound card with line out, headphone out, optical output, MULINK high-definition audio output interface. 
Sound card with 2 headphone output interface for connecting a variety of different impedance, the sensitivity of the headphones or earplugs to do personal music listening purposes. 
Monitor03 US high-quality sound card with optical digital output interface to output pure stereo PCM encoded signal and multi-channel format of Dolby Digital (AC-3), DTS digital signals, you can connect an external audio decoder, advanced get superior musical effect; can also be connected with the decoding of the AV audio and video systems, large immersive experience watching a DVD surround sound and enjoy an unprecedented cinematic. MD device can also connect digital music transcription. 
Monitor03 US's optical digital audio output, support MMDI interface with the decoder MUSILAND seamlessly. 
Monitor03 US high-definition audio output sound card MULINK interface can be connected MUSILAND decoder, jitter-free transmission of high-definition audio format, audio quality is far more than the traditional S / PDIF interface. 
Monitor03 US sound card using the latest processing technology and headphone power amplifier technology, using a USB self-powered, can provide excellent sound quality and powerful headphone driver. Can be used for different chipsets, desktop or notebook computer, power supply system and is compatible with USB3.0. 
High-quality audio features 
Monitor03 US sound card supports up to up to 32Bit/192KHz format audio processing, and uses up to 123dB SNR and dynamic range of digital-analog converter chip, providing high-fidelity sound quality analog output. 
As a result of the latest technology POWER-UP high-precision power supply, as well as multi-stage filter circuit processing, the first USB interface voltage step-up, and then deal with clean, keep your computer USB port power supply, it would provide clean power supply characteristics. 
Some fun Bonthe balanced analog filter-amplifier circuit, providing high resolution and music the best balance, try to describe the sound in detail, while ensuring sound Naiting nature. 
Group 2 headphone jack high efficiency, high output swing and high current output characteristics can be more flexible driver impedance and sensitivity of different types of headphones. 
Monitor03 US sound card digital output using a digital signal output of the asynchronous FIFO mode, this way, the board will be with the accurate clock inside the FPGA DCM digital signal re-timing, which reduces the S / PDIF format-specific jitter, the maximum limit of the strengthened digital signal transmission quality. 
Monitor03 US high-definition audio sound card MULINK output interface, the FPGA's DCM real-time management of its clock with the sampling rate changes, and synchronize the clock with data output to the decoder, this way, without the need for complex data and clock synchronization, no need for clock recovery operation. So basically, jitter-free transmission can be high-definition audio details without loss of time to pass out. In addition, the data is up to 32Bit S / PDIF specification can not be achieved. 
Monitor03 US sound card supports ASIO, provides ultra low latency audio features. 
Flexible software support 
Monitor03 US sound card by installing the development of the unique music of the state driver, can provide the perfect ASIO, WDM support and mainstream operating system Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows7, etc. 
You can also post the music of the state to optimize the updated driver, making Monitor03 US sound card to play a more superior audio performance.
● Parameters 
• Analog output 
Dynamic Range (D / A): 120dB 
Signal to noise ratio (D / A): 120dB 
Total harmonic distortion (D / A): 0.005% 
Frequency Response (20Hz ~ 20KHz): +-0.1dB 
Output level: 2V rms 
Output impedance: 10KΩ 
1 headphone jack output power: 150mW/RL = 300Ω; 200mW/RL = 100Ω 
2 headphone jack output power: 300mW/RL = 32Ω 
• Digital output 
Dynamic Range: 140dB 
SNR (A weighted): 140dB 
Total harmonic distortion: 0.0001% 
Frequency Response (20Hz ~ 20KHz): +-0dB 
• Other 
Input Interface: USB2.0 or USB3.0, voltage greater than 4.5V, current greater than 500mA 
Power: ≤ 2.5W 
Color: silver and black, black 
Body material: Aluminum 
Dimensions (housing): 105x69x28 (mm) 
Weight: 124 g 

● Interface 
1 pair of RCA line outputs (stereo) 
A 3.5mm headphone output 
A 6.25mm headphone output 
A 12mm MULINK output interface 
A side port optical digital output interface 
A type B USB input connector 
● Main features 
Stereo analog output 
USB2.0 high speed transmission 
USB3.0 Power Supply 
24bit/192kHz analog output 
32bit/192kHz digital output 
Digital output PCM / Dolby Digital / DTS format 
ASIO support 
Interface support MUSILAND MMDI 
Manually set the output sample rate 
Headphone, line out manually switch the control panel 
Driver support for Windows XP/2003/VISTA/7 system; 32/64Bit 
● Product accessories 
03US Unite: 1
USB3.0 Cable: 1
USB2.0 Cable: 1
Driver CD: 1  
Installation: 1



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