Cayin Spark I5 HiFi Portable DSD Lossless Music Player



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Support ISO DST local straight solution
I5 support DSD music straight solution,also support ISO DST compressed file local direct solution.
Audio formats, AIFF DFF DSD5.6 MHz/384kH direct play, meet the demand of all kinds of listening.
Realize the essence of music listening needs.
Based on Android4.4, fully combined with user operation habits.
I5 support connected Bluetooth devices to wirelessly listen to music.
WIFI connection to download third-party APPs, online songs LAN connectivity, supports DLNA and moreover, can connect Baidu cloud disk, so you can enjoy the convenience.
Support login baidu cloud disk online or download to local.
Better audio processing capabilities:
LC1813 based on 40nm low-power process using ARM Cortex-A7 core, using highly integrated PMU, have achieved a good balance in the system power and processing capacity.
Uncompromising hardware configuration:
AKM AK4490: conversion chip, dual-mode in the PCM and DSD state to realize stable operation of native playback decoding.
PGA2311: low-noise electronic volume potentiometer.
AD712: operational amplifier with very low offset voltage and offset voltage drift, and low noise characteristics. Resolution of a good, detailed sound.
OPA1652: operational amplifier has a very low distortion characteristics, low noise, excellent dynamic performance
BUF634: as a current driver that provides 250mA output current, excellent audio features.
Built-in 32 G memory, Max 200G (external TF card extension) by  TYPE C interface to connect the hard disk or U disk, direct reading external storage device to play music files, no longer subject to memory limitations.
Type C interface, faster and more comprehensive, transmission speed can be up to 50 MB/s, a collection of charging, data transfer and USB DAC.
i5 can be connected via USB cable from the computer to become a high quality USB DAC, up to 384kHz / 32Bit, providing you with sound effects.
i5 supports USB AUDIO function, can be used directly as the source through the type C interface output to the USB port of the decoder. It also has a coaxial output function, through the type C interface to connect the DSD decoder 


Phones Out

Power rating: 190mW +190mW(@32Ω)

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (±0.2dB, Fs =192kHz)


THD+N:  0.006%(1kHz,Fs=44.1kHz; 20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)

Dynamic Range: 108dB(20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)

SNR: 108dB(20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)

Output Impedance: ≦0.1Ω


Line Out

Output Level: 1.2V(@10kΩ)

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (±0.2dB, Fs =192kHz)


THD+N:  0.005%(1kHz,Fs=44.1kHz; 20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)

Dynamic Range: 108dB(20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)

SNR: 108dB(20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)



USB Mode: Asynchronized USB Audio 2.0 Class

DSD: Support Dop(DSD64/128)

PCM: Up to 384kHz/32Bit

Windows: Support (Drivers required)

MAC Osx: Support

iOS : Not Support

Android: Not Support


Music Format (Local Storage)

DSF: Native hardware decode DSD64 and DSD128

DFF: Native hardware decode DSD64 and DSD128

ISO: Native hardware decode DSD64 and DSD128

FLAC: Up to 384kHz/32bit

ALAC: Up to 384kHz/32bit

AIFF: Up to 384kHz/32bit

WAV: Up to 384kHz/32bit

APE: Support 16-32bits,Fast /Normal /High /Extra High compression level

WMA: Up to 96kHz/24bit

WMA Lossless : Up to 96kHz/24bit

MP2/MP3: Up to 48kHz/24bit

AAC: Up to 48kHz/24bit

OGG: Up to 48kHz/24bit



Capacity: 4800mAh3.8V Lithium ion polymer

Duration: ~10HRS

Charging time ~405HRS(with 2A Charger ,not provided)

Charging Current: ≦1500mA when charge with 2A Charger

               ≦1500mA when charge with computer USB port

Dimension:  126*64*14 (mm)

Net Weight:  0.195kg

Recommended Headphone Impedance Range: 8~300Ω

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