HiFi360 HF-PLA Pro HiFI WAV FLAC Lossless Digital Music Player

US$ 249.98
  • Q: Hallo, I would like to know if this Player can play Files and Folders in 'shuffle' - Mode ? Regards, Axel Ridtahler
    Axel Ridtahler 11/19/15 4:09 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Axel Ridtahler , Thanks for your inquiry. No,it can not play Files and Folders in 'shuffle' - Mode. Thanks& Best regards, Bill
  • Q: I have problem buy this player ??? Information : Please specify the product requided options .When I press the button Add to cart so can I get help please??
    Mariusz 12/3/15 5:35 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Mariusz, Thanks so much for your kindly notice. We are sorry for that,and it is ok now. You can buy it freely. Thanks, Bill
  • Q: can it play files from an external hard drive
    any 3/9/16 4:11 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi,it can't play files from an external hard drive,it just play a SD card.Thanks.
  • Q: hi Sir, does this digital music player has adjustable bass and treble equalizer ? i.e. 50Hz and 10kHz plus\minus -+10 ? does this player allow user to upsample all the digital format? i.e. Wma, Mp3 from 44.1kHz to 88.2kHz or 176.4 kHz? lastly, is the firmware base on single threaded programming CPU control in reading data from SD card? Thank you for your time! Phil
    philip mu 7/19/16 1:32 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Philip.Any supported formats are converted into 48 96 k output.The firmware base on single threaded programming CPU control in reading data from SD card.Thank you.
  • Q: hi, what is the standard voltage of this Digital Music Player ? how do i specified the voltage requirement in my country when i place order ? thanks!
    phil 9/22/16 1:33 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Phil, Please let us know what voltage your country use. The standard voltage have 110V and 220V. We will according your country or your need to send the fit version to you. Please contact if any question. Best Regards Kerwin Shenzhenaudio
  • Q: It's not play file WAV, Flac can play but no sound. Connect audio out with cd in on Amplifier.
    Hiepnv 1/14/17 10:05 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Hiepnv, Beyond the scope of the can't play. DSD64 (DSF, DFF) DSD128 (DSF) WAV sampling rate 44.1 K - 192 K 16 bit 24 bt 32 bit FLAC all compression level sampling rate 44.1 K - 192 K 16 bit sampling rate 44.1 K - 96 K and 24 bit APE C1000 - C3000 sampling rate 44.1 K - 48 K 16 bit C3000 sampling rate 44.1 K - 96 K 16 bit All rate of MP3 MP3 Thank you.
  • Q: Hi, It is possible switch off the display at music play? or is it auto-switch off display after ending user operation? Thanks.
    Dave 1/16/17 9:16 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Dave,When playing after about 10 seconds without operation buttons and the remote control The screen will dim down the length of the menu can be adjusted.Thank you.
  • Q: tks about your answer! But it's no sound when it's playing flac, mp3, ape.. i can not hear the sound. Have you got the other firmware. i want to update firmware this device. i think it's been software problem. now, version 6.05. hifi360.cn is not available tks a lot! i like it, even it's fault. Tks you
    HiepNV 1/17/17 2:38 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi HiepNV,the factory reply that this is not about the firmware.HiFi360 HF-PLA Pro doesn't support APE.The new HiFi360 HF-PLA support APE.We had sent an email to you. Thank you.
  • Q: 跟你打招呼,  我想购买你的产品, 我可以通过淘宝购买是没有的,货是发到广州 我的QQ:2519190084,请与我联系 谢谢
    HAIBALA 8/11/17 12:53 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi, 你好,我们可以发到广州。已经加你QQ了。 Best regards Kerwin Shenzhenaudio
  • Q: Hi! My unit does not recognise any files on the SD-Card, it says: "SC-A" (or B),the goes back to the main screen without showing files. This is independent on card (tried different types, different size, different format). The files were .wav and .mp3, the unit found neither. Please help. Greetings from Vienna, Austria
    Georg Schaller 3/21/18 4:23 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi, thank you for your message. Kindly you can check if your SD files system is FAT32. Or please you can change another SD card to confirm if the problem. Thanks and best regards. Shenzhenaudio