SMSL Q5 PRO 2x50W 192KHZ/24Bit Pure Digital Power Amplifier USB/COAXILAL/OPTIC

US$ 125.98 US$ 139.98
  • Q: Hello, I would like to know whether the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or new 16.04 LTS are supported (for USB input) ?
    JurajH 6/4/16 3:58 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Juraj.The factory said that theoretically is support, but they have not tested, cannot guarantee are theoretically support, but they haven't tested, can't guarantee.Thank you.
  • Q: Hi I would like to know what DAC chip is used in the Smsl Q5 thanks
    Roy Sparksman 7/27/16 12:19 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Roy.Q5 PRO is not DAC.Pure digital power amplifier don't need a DAC.Q5 PRO TAS1020B USB receiver chip.Q5 LC89091 PRO digital receiving chip.Don't need a DAC, digital signal directly into a power amplifier amplifies.Thank you.
  • Q: I have an SMSL SA-50 ampoifier and am using a high pass filter in line with the input to the amplifier. What is the input impedance of this amplifier - I can't find this listed anywhere. Thanks!
    Dan 9/25/16 1:24 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Dan,SMSL SA-50 had stop product.The Impendance is 4-8 Ohms.Thank you.
  • Q: I bought the SMSL Q5 PRO and within a month the remote control is not working. Tested and confirmed that the remote unit is working and looks like the IR receiver has failed. Can I have the part number of the IR receiver diode? (3 pin type). Return to factory for repairs will be too expensive - appreciate your support to repair by myself.
    Nan 10/16/16 10:36 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Nan,i had send email to you.Please check it.Thank you.
  • Q: Hi, I would like to know if the Q5 Pro has any kind of clipping protection to protect overlarge speakers from damage? Does the Q5 Pro exist in different revisions? What is the newest revision and how can I figure out, which revision I have?
    Mythos 12/6/16 7:02 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Mythos,This one to protect the volume and the volume of memory, Q5 PRO for more than 20 volume, the next boot is the volume of 20 case, if it's between the volume of memory, the next boot or the volume of the last time.Thank you.
  • Q: Is this the most powerful SMSL amplifier with direct coaxial (digital) connection?
    Mythos 12/6/16 8:41 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Mythos,Yes,it is.Thank you.
  • Q: hi , im from New Delhi India so i need 240v power cord .How much time taken in free shipping and DHL ? Is this price including Custom Duty ? Thanks
    raj 2/15/17 3:12 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi raj,ok,we will ship 240V to you.It will take 8-18 days via free shipping(singapore post).The DHL don't support to ship to india.You can choose the Fedex.It will take 4-12 days.Thank you.
  • Q: HI gents I have lost (don't ask me how it happened, it just disappeared!) the remote control of my Q5. Is there a possibility to get a new one? Thank you. Alessandro (Milan, Italy)
    Alessandro 2/19/17 3:10 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Alessandro,Your remote control is plastic or aluminum?The aluminum can use.Thank you.
  • Q: I am attempting to use my Q5 Pro with a universal remote control but having some difficulty. SMSL is not listed as a compatible manufacturer with two different brands of Universal Remote- is there a Code I can program to work with this unit? I have the Aluminum remote control with mine if that helps.
    Branden 4/6/17 10:46 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Branden,the Q5 pro just can use the Q5 pro remote control.Thank you.
  • Q: I bought a Q5 Pro Amp and the remote seems to not be synced. does not turn on the system. how do I resync the remote to the Q5 Pro Amp?
    Marcos 4/17/17 12:37 PM Asked.
  • A: hi Marcos,If do not have the right way to use the remote control, power amplifier by A,no electricity in the battery?Please check.,