Singxer F-1 XMOS USB digital interface board,XU208 chip,High end U8 upgraded version

US$ 158.39 US$ 179.99
  • Q: Hi. Re: F-1 XMOS USB It's okay to declare $20 and gift (also not include invoice with original price inside package) to UK ? I will order later today Regards,
    Brenda 4/28/16 12:43 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Brenda,yes,we can declare $20 and gift.Thank you.
  • Q: Does a driver with adjustable latency option exist?
    ramassamy 5/31/16 12:23 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi ramassamy,no,it doesn't.Thank you.
  • Q: Hi, Product lead time stll 1 week ? Can you recommend a suitable casing ?
    Xiao 6/15/16 4:26 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Xiao,the shipping time is 2-7 days via DHL.Thank you.
  • Q: Hi! What's the difference with C-1 XMOS digital interface board XU208 U8 upgraded version Femtosecond TCXO? (exclude RCA connector)
    Михаил 8/11/16 8:53 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Михаил,C-1 no isolation technique, no femtosecond clock.Thank you.
  • Q: Does there exist different versions og this board. I've been offered one without dip switches.
    Julenissen 10/27/16 12:00 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Julenissen,F-1 have no DIP SW,Just su-1 have DIP SW.Thank you.
  • Q: Are there any instructions on doing the firmware update?
    JC 11/14/16 10:21 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi JC, the firmware update will finish in 2017.Thank you.
  • Q: What does "F-1 has many kinds of output interfaces" mean? I only see coaxial RCA output. Is there an HDMI I2S?
    Eric 11/15/16 5:14 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Eric,Iis is needle output.If you need HDMI I2S,just buy Singxer SU-1.Thank you.
  • Q: What is the difference between Singxer F-1 and X-1
    Wendhy 11/18/16 1:10 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Wendhy,X - 1 have no isolation technique,no femtosecond clock.F-1 is better.Thank you.
  • Q: Hi, How can I use external power instead of USB power? If it is possible, could you let me know the connecting position?
    Thomas 11/19/16 7:43 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Thomas,you can click
  • Q: where do I connect external power, cant finde any info
    tubeman 11/26/16 2:37 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Tubeman,F-1 don't need external power,just use USB.Thank you.