SMSL IDEA ES9018Q2C DSD512 Mini Portable Decoder DSD DAC

US$ 85.98
  • Q: It is both a DAC and a headphone amp, right? Does it work with Samsung Galaxy S7?
    Eric 5/26/17 12:12 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Eric, Yes,It is both a DAC and a headphone amp. The factory hadn't test work with Samsung Galaxy S7.They not sure. Please contact if any question. Best Regards Kerwin Shenzhenaudio
  • Q: Is it support DoP (DSD over PCM)?
    Yoshi 5/31/17 12:40 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Yoshi,yes,it support DoP (DSD over PCM).Thank you.
  • Q: Does this work with apple, camera kit? I want to use on iphone 6s.
    Rob 5/31/17 5:38 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Rob,yes,it can use camera kit to work with iphone 6s.Thank you.
  • Q: Does it need a driver for Windows 10?
    Bill hamer 6/3/17 4:44 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Bill ,yes,you can download from
  • Q: What is the difference in sound 16/44 in comparison with SMSL IDOL+?
    Roman 6/15/17 6:27 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Roman,the IDEA's sound better than IDOL+.Thank you.
  • Q: What type of inputs does it have?
    Dale 7/10/17 4:47 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Dale,it has type-c input.Thank you.
  • Q: Hi! Will it work with my Xiaomi Mi5s?
    Serghei 7/10/17 8:59 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Serghei,yes,it can work with my Xiaomi Mi5s.Thank you.
  • Q: does it come with necessary cables to connect to iPad Air and Mac? If not what cables are required to connect to these devices?
    Kevin Dick 7/11/17 1:57 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Kevin,idea can't work with ios devices.smsl i2 can work with ios device.Thank you.
  • Q: What amp chip is in this device ? Will it power AKG712 and Senn HD650 ? Can you compare the Idea amp chip with Audioengine LME49726 ? Thank you
    George 7/14/17 10:08 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi George,it use ES9018Q2C chip.It can't power AKG712 and Senn HD650.Thank you.
  • Q: Can this be used in the car?. Want to connect phone-dac-car but it doesn't have a line in.
    Ray Deasy 7/20/17 7:26 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Ray,The idea support part of the android mobile phone, close support SONY Z2, millet note, meizu MX4 pro, is no guarantee that supports all android phones.Thank you.