YAQIN SD-35A 6N8P Valve Vacuum Tube Amplifier Hi-End HDCD CD Player

US$ 649.98
  • Q: Hello Dear, I want to know if YAQIN SD-35A CD PLAYER (NEW VERSION SD32A) contains in the circuit the: DAC - CIMUS LOGIC CS4392 and alternativ colour (silver) How many days delivered in Italy?? Which courier?? Thank you GUIDO ITALY
    GUIDO 3/21/15 7:35 PM Asked.
  • A: Will ship via FedEx or DHL, and cost about 7 working days. Thanks
  • Q: Excellent Seller the best SHENZHENAUDIO. Guido ITALY
    Guido 4/20/15 3:14 PM Asked.
  • A: Thanks.
  • Q: Whats the difference between the Yaqin SD35A cd player and the Yaqin SD33A cd player?
    Rick McElroy 7/24/16 8:07 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi Rick.Decoding IC is different. Different way put CD.Thank you.
  • Q: Is this a CD player plus amplifier? All I need is to connect to speakers to play? Thanks
    Francis 7/24/17 8:54 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi Francis,it's CD player.It need to connect to speaker to play.Thank you.
  • Q: Thanks for your reply. Do I need to have a separate power amplifier to connect to the CD player and speakers to play?
    francis 7/24/17 10:00 PM Asked.
  • A: Hi francis,yes.CD + power amplifier+ speakers, this is the most common method.Thank you.