QLS QA361 AK4495SEQ COAX/BAL/PO/CO All to DSD HiFi music player

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1.  Single-threaded ultra-real-time code is used to ensure the pure sound and more restored details .

2.  Rewrite the code to fully read the card and isolate the TF power supply. The sound background is purer

and more natural.

3. The 3.0.088ps dual femtosecond crystal oscillator provides the clock for the global synchronization of the

whole machine.

4. Two 470000uF super-capacitors provide independent power for analog and digital.

5.  Six pieces of OPA1622 realizes four thrust modes of amp: standard, high current, high voltage, double


6. AK4495SEQ sound quality special edition + high voltage power supply, to ensure high quality and good


7. Enhance capacitive load drive capability to drive capacitive loads greater than 2000pF.

8. The sound is extremely transparent, delicate and has a very good sense of music.



Storage : 1 piece of internal TF card to support FAT32 and exFAT file system ,and the max is 256G
Sound model : Slow down, steep drop, short delay slow down, short delay steep drop, super slow down, All to DSD .
Gain : low gain and high gain , adopt analog signal hardware controlling to make sure high sound quality
Headphone amp pulling model :standard , big current , high voltage , double high ( big current +high voltage )
Channel : 2 channels ( stereo )
Digital output : 3.5mm coaxial output *1
Coaxial output : level 0.5Vp-p , 75ohms , support max 24Bit/192KHz and Dop for DSD64
CLOCK JITTER : 0.088ps ( 88 fs )
Headphone output : 3.5mm single ended *1 , 3.5mm balanced *1
Analog output : 3.5mm line out *1
Analog audio parameters

Frequency response : 0-20KHz
SNR : 112dB
Dynamic range : 115dB
Distortion : 106dB
Harmonic distortion : 0.0008%
Output level
Line out : 2Vrms
PO unbalanced : 5.26Vrms ( high voltage model no load )
PO balanced : 10.4Vrms ( high voltage model no load )
Single ended headphone port rated power
8 ohms : [email protected] current model , [email protected] model
32 ohms : [email protected] high model , [email protected] model
300 ohms : [email protected] voltage model , [email protected] model
Balanced output power (BTL) : Theoretically , is the 4 times for the single ended , detected :
300ohms : [email protected] voltage model , [email protected] model
Output impedance : line out 93 ohms , PO unbalanced 0.18 ohms , PO balanced 0.38 ohms
Headphone impedance : 8-600ohms
Built-in battery : super resistance customized Li battery 3.8V---3800mAH
Input voltage : 4.8V-5.4V , the current is over 2A ( type - C ) ( It can be charged by battery bank and charger )
Using hours : 10 hours
Charging time : 5-6 hours
Dimension : 115mm*64.5mm*16mm


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