RACOON SG300 24Bit / 96KHz USB Decoder Tube Headphone Amplifier



  • RACOON SG300 24Bit / 96KHz USB Decoder Tube Headphone Amplifier
  • RACOON SG300 24Bit / 96KHz USB Decoder Tube Headphone Amplifier
  • RACOON SG300 24Bit / 96KHz USB Decoder Tube Headphone Amplifier

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uses the voice of nobility PSVANE 12AT7-T high quality tubes, the tubes sound Naiting sweet and delicate treble performance has charm, thick solid low-frequency, low-frequency powerful, dynamic ability, 12AT7-T with 12AT7/ECC81/6201 / GT-12AT7/6C22D/12AZ7 tube swap, instead of using direct replacement;

DAC decoder chip uses CIRRUS LOGIC company's top digital / analog converter chip CS4398 chip, it is up to 120dB signal to noise ratio and dynamic range parameters, providing a high level of audio resolving power, and perfectly supports up 24Bit/192KHz digital signal D / A demodulation;

amp power amplifier chip is currently the hottest TI TPA6120A2, the chip has extremely low distortion and high speed conversion speed. Supports a variety of high and low impedance headphones;

boot and shutdown time delay relay quick disconnect feature to completely avoid momentary switch circuit imbalance, causing the DC output impact your expensive headphones and speakers, headphones and speakers thus extending the life of the speaker, but also to avoid the harsh plosive generation;

headphone impedance is range from 8-1000Ω, the output power peak - peak range from 2.7W-100mW, strong thrust, easy drive all Headphones

The amp can be done using the powerful preamp

The amp can be accessed 8 ohm / 10W amplifier using the speaker to do

good material, gold pin switch, Japan ALPS potentiometer, Germany WIMA capacitors, England NOVER electrolytic capacitors, precision resistors, gold plated plug terminals, CCC certified power adapter to ensure the quality of the machine

Technical Parameters:

Input Impedance: LINE INPUT 15KΩ
Output impedance: 10Ω
Input sensitivity: 400mV ± 50mV
Frequency response: 9Hz-160KHz-3dB

SNR:> = 90dB input without any connection, no weighting
Harmonic Distortion: 1KHz: <0.06%, 100mW into 8Ω
SAMPTE IMD: <0.06%, 100mW into 8Ω
Net Weight: 0.5Kg
Size: 104mm * 92mm * 62mm
External power supply: 12VAC 800mA, 5.5 * 2.1 Power Jack
Headphone impedance range :8-1000Ω

Questions & Answers

  • Q: What are the requirements for USA power plug as mine was lost. I have a AC/DC 12V 1000mA negative polarity plug adaptor. Will this work?
  • A: Hi Aaron,it can't.Thank you.
  • Aaron Rudberg 2/23/17 7:44 AM Asked.
  • Q: My unit only makes very scratchy overdriven sound from all music files. The headphone outputs so far don't work. I use Windows 10. I can't find a driver. Please help.
  • A: Hi Ken,the factory reply that it is not need drive for win10.Change to the computer output to RACOON SG300.Thank you.
  • Ken 1/9/17 12:55 PM Asked.
  • Q: does the preout have volume control? does it shut off when headphones are plugged in?
  • A: Hi Dman,the preout have volume control.it doesn't shut off when headphones are plugged in.Thank you.
  • Dman 12/22/16 10:39 AM Asked.
  • Q: Do you supply the 230V european power supply with the good outlet for France ?
  • A: The item don't have European power supply, just have Chinese. However, i will provide a European adapter. Thanks.
  • Floxit 7/27/15 11:18 PM Asked.
  • Q: How long would it take to post to Australia?
  • A: About 15 working days. Thanks.
  • Jeremy 2/9/15 9:47 PM Asked.