Shanling M1 Mini Bluetooth DSD HiFi Lossless Music Player

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Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0,support APTX protocol to ensure Hifi sound quality.

Support Bluetooth bi-directional transmission.

Bluetooth can be used as a mobile phone and computer decoding amp,Bluetooth headset can also be connected to the Bluetooth speaker for wireless playback.


Clock function.

Use the Type-C USB connector.

Positive and negative can be inserted, technology and human integration.


USB bidirectional transmission.

Can be connected to a computer and mobile phone as an external decoding amp,USB decoder can also be connected as a digital dial (support WIN and MAC systems,and some with OTG-enabled Android mobile phone ).


Up to 8 days deep standby.

No need to set the depth of standby,without shutting down after the use of equipment,just pause for one minute will automatically enter the standby,which means that other power consumption (such as decoding and amp chip power supply,etc.),only to retain the wake-up mechanism,a greater reduction in consumption,To achieve long the power button to about 1 second before listen to the music,convenient and quick.



Size: 60mm * 50mm * 13mm.

Net weight: about 60g.

Screen: 2.35-inch TFT high-definition display (360 * 400)

DSD playback: support DSD64, DSD128.

Decoding: support to 192kHZ-24bit.

Bluetooth: 4.0 supports APT-X.

D / A conversion chip: AK4452.

Amp chip: MAX97220.

Gain selection: low gain, high gain.


Sampling rate: 44.1kHz-192kHz.

Output: Headphone output (3.5 mm)

Output power: 35mW @ 32ohm.

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (-0.5dB)

Distortion: 0.006% (A-weighting, output 500mV)

Signal to noise ratio:> 105dB (A-weighting)

Dynamic range:> 105dB.

Output impedance: 0.1 ohm.

Channel separation:> 70dB (32ohms, 1kHz)

Time jitter: 30ps (Typ)

Reference clock jitter: 200 seconds.

External storage: support to 256G TF card.

USB interface: Type-c (USB2.0)

Capacity: 950mAH lithium battery.

Life time: about 9-10 hours (charging time 3-4 hours)

Support system: Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 / 64bit), MACOSX10.1 or update

Questions & Answers

  • Q: i also have a macbook pro and it wont work, your saying below to exchange teh SD card and cables? why would that help? please advise?
  • A: Dear,you can try to exchange the SD card and cable.Thank you.
  • stacey 12/17/17 8:15 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hello, when used as a bluetooth transmitter, can it be remote controlled by the blutooth speaker like pevious, next song ? It's the AVRCP mode of bluetooth Thank you
  • A: Hi Stefan,it can.Thank you.
  • Stefan 8/26/17 5:49 PM Asked.
  • Q: I can't get the M1 to be recognized by my MacBook pro, do I need a driver? Is there a trick to loading files?
  • A: Hi Alan, It can recognized by Windows?Please try to exchange the sd card and cable. Thank you.
  • Alan 2/12/17 10:31 PM Asked.
  • Q: Can SACD ISO reading be added in a firmware update to the M1--or is a hardware thing? What is the closest device to the M1 that CAN read SACD ISO? I have a main JRiver/Exasound DAC setup and many files in that format... Thanks!
  • A: Hi Scott,M1 donesn't support ISO,M5 support ISO.Thank you.
  • scott 1/19/17 8:24 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hi, Could you, please, state a firmware of your Shanling M1? In addition, does the player have a plug&play function when using as a DAC for Windows7 and Windows10? Or it is necessary to install drivers? Thanks in advance.
  • A: Hi Sergiy,yes,you can using as a DAC for Windows7 and Windows10 after download the driver from .Thank you.
  • Sergiy 1/8/17 9:28 AM Asked.