SHONYUN SH-306A Portable Headphone Amplifier



  • 2. SHONYUN SH-306A Portable Headphone Amplifier
  • 2. SHONYUN SH-306A Portable Headphone Amplifier
  • 2. SHONYUN SH-306A Portable Headphone Amplifier
  • 2. SHONYUN SH-306A Portable Headphone Amplifier

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The new and upgraded verion SHONYUN-306A up from the older sh-306 is a portable mini stereo headphone amplifier. Compared with the older version, the new 306A circuit architecture is similar but with numerous upgrades. the customised, high-capacity lithium battery pack is not only high in capacity and discharge current, it is also able to provide plenty of power amplifier supply. The new model also sports a patch to the capacitor polarity line, greatly reducing the internal resistance to make the sound more clear, bright and powerful.

THE new 306A portable amplifier output has been increased by optimizing the power design. You can now better drive your big full-size headhones. In a ddition to better drivers, this portable amp also has a smart charge and discharge lithium battery monitoring circuit. Once the battery discharge goes below the preset voltage, the protection circuit will cut off power to ensure the safety of the device and headphones. And once it is charged full, the protection circuit will cut off the charging power supply immediately for the same sagety reasons.

The SHONYUN 306A uses the original imported Janpanese ALPS potentiometer push-pull feature, not only does it click with a beautiful sound, it is reliable and easy to use. Simply press the potentiometer knob to pop it out, then adjust the volume according. Once the volume is set, you may press the knob again to retract it into the device for protection of the knob as well as better appearance.

An innovative design is such that the when a headphones is connected to the 3.5mm port, the circuit is closed and turns on the 306A, unplug the headphones and this switches off the 306A, The 306A is rated to driver 16 ohms to 300 ohms headphones and earphones. Some known models that work best when tested were the AKG K701, K601, Technica AD900, Etymotic ER4S and Yuin PK1. Headphones with higher impedance are perfect for the 306A, a good choice to make this amplifier perform to its best.

Protable mini stereo headphone amplifier
Retractable potentiometer volume adjustments
Innovative circuitry that turns om device when headphjones are plugged in
Compare yet powerful performance clean and clear sound signature
8 hours battery life

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