SMSL M3 Audio USB Powered Audio Decoder



Product Details


SMSL M3 mini multi-function all-in-one DAC/Headphone Amp,  has excellent performance, flexible operation mode, intuitive display, delicate appearance and rich input/output interface.  Digital input : USB, Optical fiber and Coaxial digital input. 

Output: RCA analog output and 6.35 headphone jack. It supports OTG USB and computer USB, which can make charging more easy no matter you are in the office or in bussiness travel.

M3 can be directly powered by computer,Android tablet PC and android mobile phone(This function is not avaliable for Apple Ipad or iphone).With purified power circuit 
Externally enhanded power input jack using DC 5V,Maximum power is 1.5W,Users can    connect with power bank to work this product which can generate better sound quality.XIAOMI 10000ma power bank can work up to 20H with M3.
24 bit asynchronous USB input, 24bit/ 192KHZ advanced decoding chip is CS4398
Big power headphone amplifier almost can be compatible with all of Hi-Fi headphone.
Industrial design input and full frequency sampling rate is clear to see from front panel ;
High quality aluminum alloy shell, solid aluminum buttons and knobs.
The high parameters and highly integrated product will occupy it’s market for high cost performance.

It can get power supply by connecting computer, android tablet, the android mobile phone directly( not including ipad and iphone) with built-in power purification circuit.

External strengthen power input interface using DC5V power supply with, maximum power 1.5 W, can use charging power supply makes sound more good treasure.
Having 24 bit / 96 KHZ asynchronous USB input, 24 bit / 192 KHZ ,advanced CS4398 DAC chip and high-power headphone amplifier, it can be compatible with almost all enthusiast headphones.
The industrial grade design and full frequency sampling rate are clear at a glance.
The aluminum alloy shell, solid aluminum buttons and knobs, the high- quality parameters and highly integration , which all helped M3 to occupy the market.

Don't need to install the driver. Please set the output to 24bit to fit the foobar 2000 music player. 


Output levels:1.9Vrms
Dynamic Range:112dB
CHANNEL separation:105dB
Sample rate:

Amp output power:
32Ω 108mW @THD=0.1%
64Ω 85mW @THD=0.1%
150Ω 49mW @THD=0.001%
300Ω 24mW @THD=0.001%

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Do I connect the 2 USB for more power and better sound if I am using PC?
  • A: Hi Alex,Connect the computer with IN1 is good, another power supply port is used to connect to fiber optics or coaxial power supply.Thank you.
  • Alex 12/29/16 7:16 AM Asked.
  • Q: HELP!! My SMSL M3 DAC/Headphone Amp has trouble in installing driver for Windows XP. Every time I hooked it to my XP computer systems, it keep searching for the right driver for hours. It becomes USELESS. Anybody can help me out for that?
  • A: Hi Kevin,the M3 can't work with Windows XP.Thank you.
  • Kevin 12/17/16 12:28 AM Asked.
  • Q: Amp output power section means summary power from both channels? So 32Ω 108mW means 2x54mW?
  • A: Hi Paul,32Ω 108mW is one channel parameter.Thank you.
  • Paul 12/16/16 8:45 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hi. Three questions: 1st) RCA out volume is fixed - or also controlled by knob? 2nd) RCA muted while headphones plugged in? 3rd) Sound muting output relay equipped (anti-speaker-plopp at power on-off)? thx.
  • A: Hi Picky,M3 RCA volume is fixed, and headphone output at the same time, no mute switch.RCA output has muting function, not by relay, but using semiconductor,and the headphone amplifier IC has muting function.So, M3 will not has much pop noise.Thank you.
  • picky_buyer 11/1/16 10:16 AM Asked.
  • Q: Does this come with a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter ? If not can one be added for free if I purchase this item ? :) xiexie ni
  • A: Hi Gareth,the smsl M3 doesn't need adapter.Thank you.
  • Gareth 10/17/16 11:01 AM Asked.