SMSL B2 USB Interface High Precision Clock Source Bluetooth digital interface to I2S Coaxial/Optical/AES/BNC



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Product Details

Input: Bluetooth,USB
Output:I2S/Optical / Coaxial / AES/EBU
USB transfer method:Asynchronous transfer
Clock frequency:Same as FS mode:44.1k-768kHZ
Other mode:44.1k,48k,88.2k,96k,176.4k,192k,11.2896M,12.288M

Input bit depth:
USB······1bit, 16bit-32bit

Input sampling rate:
USB······44.1khz-768khz/ DSD64-DSD512

Output bit depth:
I2S······ 1bit,16bit-32bit
Optical / Coaxial / AES/EBU ······16bit-24bit

Outputsampling rate:
Optical / Coaxial / AES/EBU ······44.1khz-192khz/ Dop64

Power consumption:5W
Standby power<0.5W

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Hi, Is this device only SBC and LDHC compatible? What code would it use, with say a OnePlus 3T?
  • A: Hi MH, yes, only SBC and LDHC compatible, when use LDHC, the screen will display "HD". Thank you!
  • MH 5/10/19 3:49 PM Asked.
  • Q: Will the LHDC Bluetooth codec work with a Windows 10 Notebook using a Qualcomm APTX Bluetooth Interface?
  • A: Hi Chris, it can. Thank you!
  • Chris 4/24/19 10:40 AM Asked.
  • Q: laptop to B2 via usb, B2 to SMSL SU-8 via optical/coaxial, SMSL SU-8 to SH-8 via xlr. is this connection correct? how will this improve the sound quality of my desktop setup?
  • A: Hi cesar36, the connection is correct. Thank you!
  • cesar36 3/2/19 5:52 PM Asked.