SMSL SA-160 160WPC Digital Amplifier + Headphone Amplifier + Power Adapter



  • SMSL MINI 5 50WPC Digital Amplifier + Headphone Amplifier + Power Adapter
  • SMSL MINI 5 50WPC Digital Amplifier + Headphone Amplifier + Power Adapter
  • SMSL MINI 5 50WPC Digital Amplifier + Headphone Amplifier + Power Adapter
  • SMSL MINI 5 50WPC Digital Amplifier + Headphone Amplifier + Power Adapter
  • SMSL MINI 5 50WPC Digital Amplifier + Headphone Amplifier + Power Adapter
  • SMSL MINI 5 50WPC Digital Amplifier + Headphone Amplifier + Power Adapter
  • SMSL MINI 5 50WPC Digital Amplifier + Headphone Amplifier + Power Adapter

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Product Details

SA-160 has passed the reliability test . Constant temperature and humidity testing ( temperature :0-45 ℃; Humidity : 80% ; Time : Each 4H).

 SA-160 to TDA7498E STMicroelectronics Ltd. (STMicroelectronics) as the core , using NICHICON · EPCOS · ELNA · ALPS · ST · JRC · AV · TDK refined accessories and other high fever, high quality digital amplifier . Double wooden Salim electronic digital amplifier with many years of design experience and strong R & D team. Professional TDA7498E developed fever Forum advocated major audio sounds pretty hollow inductance ( power core inductor counterparts only manufacturers ) , with EPCOS, AV output filter capacitor to do . With sound quality improvement. We are especially customized for the SA-160 full -power 36V switching power adapter, ensuring the superior
performance of the machine .

SA-160 using the power adapter is DC36V. Speaker output power per channel 160W (4Ω load ) . 130mW per channel power amp output (32Ω load ) .


1 . The major audio fever forum to promote good sound digital amplifier core inductor to do with EPCOS and AV output filter capacitor , the highest level of quality to restore
nature .
2. 8000uf/50V do bulk filter capacitor filter fever storage to meet the large dynamic bursting needs.
3.SA-160 increases the preamp , amplifier chip using the crown called the king of the op amp - 5532DD. DD Code is the meaning of sound custom chips . With Nextronics
Seiko socket , the user can replace the likes of the op amp . Pre- supply dual ± 12V full before class performance ( peer typically use a single power supply ) .
4.SA-160 built-in headphone amplifier , 130mW/32Ω, THD + N ≤ 0.009%. Because of the increased pre- meet most of the fever headphone driver. Amp has a mute switch
design , increased use of comfort. Insert earphone speaker output is disconnected , the night to watch the game will never affect the rest of their families.
5 Japanese ALPS potentiometer custom made left and right consistency is very good, but after long-term use is not easy to produce noise, and life is much longer than
ordinary inexpensive marketing potential, prolonged use of performance is very stable , because sound reproduction is good two are used for high- power amplifiers and
other goods preamp audio device .
6 Japan ALPS switch , the operation feel good , prolonged use of performance is very stable.



Speaker output power : 160 W / 4Ω
Headphone Output power : 130m W / 32Ω
Input level : 400mv ~ 2V
Chassis Color: Black
Panel Color: Black / Silver / Gold
Case material: Aluminum
Chassis technology: pull pattern, coloring , CNC machining ( will not fade like paint )
Screen technology: laser engraving ( not fade like paint )
Input Interface : RCA jack ( gold-plated ) stereo input
Power supply :100-240ACV
Circuit Plate : 1.6mm full fiberglass , 2OZ ( oz ) copper thickness , the most advanced immersion gold processing
Machine size : 168 × 98 × 36mm ( excluding protruding parts )
Weight : 1.5KG with packing ( actual shipment weight plus packaging weight by date)
Machine configuration : SA-160 host 1 , power adapter 1 set , manual , 1 warranty card 1 .
Warranty period : One year

Questions & Answers

  • Q: I need it to replace a huge Kenwood receiver in a karaoke machine. My sony cd player has two rca port and a digital coaxial port that looks like an rca port. how would I connect the cd player or do I have to buy another one? If it does not work for the karaoke setup is it returnable?
  • A: Hi herman,It can't.Thank you.
  • herman susser 3/29/17 10:47 AM Asked.
  • Q: 1. is this a power amplifier? 2. if yes, can it be used with a tube pre-amplifier? 3. can it drive 4 Ohms sensitivity 86db speakers ? thank you
  • A: Hi v.s.wong,'s a power amplifier. can used with a tube pre-amplifier. can drive 4 Ohms sensitivity 86db speakers. Thank you.
  • v.s.wong 3/14/17 12:36 PM Asked.
  • Q: Can you post a link for the power supply so i can order it? or how will i buy?
  • A: Hi jenya,If you need that we can sell to you.Please tell me you address that calculate the shipping fee.Thank you.
  • jenya 4/5/16 3:41 AM Asked.
  • Q: Where can i buy a replacement power supply?
  • A: Hi jenya,We have see it.Where the power supply delivery?
  • jenya 4/4/16 8:55 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hows does the SNR of the SA-160 compare to the SNR of the SA-60? Thanks!
  • A: Hi,There is no big difference between these two products in SNR, the main different is their power.And the SA-60 has stopped producing, but we still have few in stock.Kindly check the above.Thank you.
  • Matt 3/10/16 6:03 PM Asked.