SMSL Sanskrit LPS Linear Power for Sanskrit PRO-B / Sanskrit PHA



  • SMSL Sanskrit LPS Linear Power for Sanskrit PRO-B / Sanskrit PHA
  • SMSL Sanskrit LPS Linear Power for Sanskrit PRO-B / Sanskrit PHA
  • SMSL Sanskrit LPS Linear Power for Sanskrit PRO-B / Sanskrit PHA
  • SMSL Sanskrit LPS Linear Power for Sanskrit PRO-B / Sanskrit PHA

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The so-called power of the sound of this, electricity is a hi-fi in the blood, pure power, to enhance the entire system can be reborn. As the new flagship dual-wood forest suit power part of the "Panda" suit, Sanskrit lps using a high-quality toroidal transformer (power source for the internal linear power transformers, this power supply uses a toroidal transformer irrigation tape shielded so custom HiB silicon steel All copper 15W transformer, full copper would have been worth mentioning, former transformer are all copper, and now cheap transformers use a lot of aluminum envelope. Good first is a natural power transformer isolation, effective separation of supply Clutter; transformer load is also post-stage circuit, the audio signal affect the whole band, the better), and the use of high-current, low-noise LDO power supply to the Sanskrit pro Sanskrit pha decoder and headphone amplifier power supply respectively. and through the patent intelligent control, to ensure perfect purity and power waveforms in the power supply process.

The sound, Sanskrit lps added degree of completion can exhibit more and more quiet sound at the end of the panda suit, because the Sanskrit lps is a double wooden Sanlin specifically for "Panda" package (Sanskrit pro and Sanskrit pha) be equipped, tuning and careful tuning, not only will not have the combination of dynamic compression, resolution drops and other phenomena, but more can show the entire "Panda" flavor of the style suits the music and the sound moist, rich in detail, extending sufficient characteristics. Terms of use Sanskrit lps experience and look forward to more exchanges and burning faithful share.


Intelligent power protection control. When the whole device is on, power is supply to power DAC first, after 2 to 3   seconds later, then to DAC.
Power supply has separated the power outages and power supply for AMP and DAC which protected the power and the device and prevent the damage caused by device overload.
Using high-quality toroidal transformer.
Using high current, low noise LDO for power supply.
Input voltage: AC100V-115V or AC220V-230V ( Optional )
The output voltage: DC9V * 2
Power: 15W


Power supply x1  

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Can I use this with other instruments like the TPLINK switch which uses 9V 0.6A?
  • A: Hi Kiung,it can use with 9V 0.6A.Thank you.
  • Kiung Bak 10/7/17 6:31 AM Asked.
  • Q: Are the power supply cables to the DAC and the headphone amp always included in the package of the LPS?
  • A: Hi Michel,this item is SMSL Sanskrit LPS Linear doesn't included of DAC.Thank you.
  • Michel 8/22/17 9:39 AM Asked.
  • Q: Can this be used with the SMLS *M8a* DAC? If not, what is the correct 5v linear power source for SMSL M8a?
  • A: Hi Scott,It can't used with the SMLS *M8a* DAC.We have no.Thank you.
  • Scott 7/6/17 7:33 AM Asked.
  • Q: hello, can it be used with dac m8? ,.. its better p1 with m8?. thanks
  • A: Hi EDUARDO,yes,it can work with M8,and better than p1 with m8.Thank you.
  • EDUARDO 4/17/17 11:19 AM Asked.
  • Q: Can I use this with Sanskrit 6, or is it better to use P1?
  • A: Hi Denny,P1 work with Sanskrit 6 is better.Thank you.
  • Danny 10/11/16 5:53 AM Asked.