TempoTec Fantasia Digital 32Bit / 192KHz PCI Interface Sound Card



  • TempoTec Fantasia Digital 32Bit / 192KHz PCI Interface Sound Card
  • TempoTec Fantasia Digital 32Bit / 192KHz PCI Interface Sound Card
  • TempoTec Fantasia Digital 32Bit / 192KHz PCI Interface Sound Card
  • TempoTec Fantasia Digital 32Bit / 192KHz PCI Interface Sound Card

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Please Note:
HFA digital audio interface of Fantasia digital just can use with Fantasia DAC, can't use with other DHMI signal transmission.

Following TempoTec Fantasia, especially for HTPC and HIFI designed by the user to upgrade the whole new generation of products - Fantasia digital TempoTec results again in the pursuit of the perfect sound for you to enjoy the presentation.

Fantasia numbers are part of Fantasia PC-HiFi kit, but can be used as a separate connection to a variety of digital sound output DAC use. Pure digital design, first introduced the main elements of the entire logic circuit to do the whole deployment of control, and with a high level of professional TCXO, ensuring a more stable and accurate digital frequency, in addition to the power supply design, with high-grade filter capacitor but also to ensure the supply of pure, while the digital output coupling capacitors make more transparent, Jitter can also get more effective inhibition of the produce perfect digital square wave. In addition to two kinds of output common digital interface, more dedicated digital interface designed HFA and Fantasia DAC with specialized form of high-bandwidth, completely Jitter of 32bit PC-HiFi digital audio system solutions.


Separation design, to avoid interference in the audio signal running computer components
Sound signals transmitted digitally, significantly reduce disturbances
All sound signals can be processed in an external DAC Fantasia, away from sources of interference, to ensure clear sound, clean
HFA dedicated digital signal lines can transmit digital signals
Exclusive ASIO drivers, eager to meet the family of computer music


The maximum sampling rate support to 32bit / 192KHZ
Three S / PDIF digital output (coaxial, fiber optic, HFA)
Supports AC3, DTS transmission
Support windows XP 32bit / windows 7 (x86 and x64) operating system
IIS support output and SPDIF & COAX output
IIS output support to 32bit 192khz
SPDIF & COAX output support to 24bit 192khz
FPGA + 1PPM TCXO fully suppress the generation JITTER
Ruby power supply filter circuit to ensure a steady supply of power
WIMA capacitors ensure dedicated audio sound real reduction
Professional 32bit ASIO output support

System Requirement:
A free PCI slot
Intel pentium III 700 or faster CPU
Windows XP / Win7
128 MB of system memory
CD-ROM DRIVE / DVD-ROM DRIVE (for the DVD player)

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Questions & Answers

  • Q: hi. is that item discontinued? i would like to buy this item. so Do you live when your item.
  • A: Hi dow,this product had stop product.Please choose other product.Thank you.
  • dow 4/2/17 11:45 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hi, What is the version of this item? V1.0? V1.1? V1.2? V1.3?
  • A: It have many Drivers now, such as V1.0, V1.1, V1.2, V1.3. you can down load which one you prefer in their official website: http://www.tempotec.com.cn/chs/3-Support/driver.htm . Thanks.
  • CSK 5/28/15 9:09 PM Asked.