Topping A30 3.5mm/6.35mm Headphone output HiFi Desktop Headphone Amplifier

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NOTE: The package doesn't include the Acrylic Shelf.

Acrylic Shelf:




Analog input 1 x RCA (L + R)
LineOUT 1 x RCA (L + R)
Headphone output 1 x 6.35 headphone jack; 1 x 3.5 headphone jack
Unit weight of 525g (not including the adapter)
Unit Size 17.0 cm x 12.2 cm x 3.8 cm

The recommended load impedance range: 16-600Ω


Maximum output power:

1551mW x 2 (PO = Hi, 6.35 headphone port, RL = 32Ω, THD + N = 1%)
291mW x 2 (PO = Hi, 6.35 headphone jack, RL = 300Ω, THD + N = 1%)
152mW x 2 (PO = Hi, 6.35 headphone jack, RL = 600Ω, THD + N = 1%)
757mW x 2 (PO = Hi, 3.5 headphone jack, RL = 32Ω, THD + N = 1%)
258mW x 2 (PO = Hi, 3.5 headphone jack, RL = 300Ω, THD + N = 1%)
143mW x 2 (PO = Hi, 3.5 headphone jack, RL = 600Ω, THD + N = 1%)


The output voltage swing:26.6Vpp

Typical Distortion (@ 1kHz) :

0.0019% (RL = 32Ω, G = 0dB, IN = 0.5Vrms)
0.0003% (RL = 300Ω, G = 9dB, IN = 0.5Vrms)
0.0006% (RL = 600Ω, G = 18dB, IN = 0.5Vrms)
Frequency response: 10 - 200kHz


Input Sensitivity:

10.0Vrms (PO = Hi, G = 0dB)
3.3Vrms (PO = Hi, G = 9dB)
1.2Vrms (PO = Hi, G = 18dB)
Bottom noise (A-weighted):
2.2uV (G = 0dB, RL = 32Ω)
3.2uV (G = 9dB, RL = 32Ω)
8.2uV (G = 18dB, RL = 32Ω)
Gain : 0dB / 9dB / 18dB
Signal to noise ratio:
126dB (PO = Hi, G = 0dB)
121dB (PO = Hi, G = 9dB)
111dB (PO = Hi, G = 18dB)


Packaging list:

1 x power adapter
1 x Operating Instructions
1 x Warranty card


D30 supports USB,Coaxial and Optical Fiber. Input range 16-24bit/44.1-192KHz
Two switches,two light indicators
Aluminum shell
XMOS asynchronous interface
Cirrus CS4398 decoding chip
Japan KOA resistance
Genmany WIMA capacitor
Germany Siemens capacitor
HD audio OP AMP OPA2134


Digital audio input interface:USB +Coaxial +Optical Fiber
Analog audio output interface:1*RCA (1 channel stereo)
Weight: About 427g
Size: Aboyt 12.2*3.8*17.7cm


Decoding range:
USB: 16-24bit/ 44.1-192KHz,DSD64,DSD128
Optical Fiber:16-24bit/ 32-192KHz
Coaxial :16-24bit/ 32-192KHz
Background noise (sampling rate 44.1KHz):
USB: 3.9uVrms
Optical Fiber: 5.2uVrms
Coaxial : 5.1uVrms
Line Out output level: 2.1Vrms @1KHz
Typical distortion (@1KHz,sampling rate 96KHz)
USB: 0.00062%
Optical Fiber: 0.00063%
Coaxial : 0.00065%
SNR (sampling rate 44.1KHz):
USB: 115.7db
Optical Fiber:113.2db
Coaxial :113.4db
Channel separation (@1KHz,sampling rate 44.1KHz)
Optical Fiber:-117.6db
Frequency response:10-20KHz-+1.2db


Packaging list:

1 x 100-240B input 15V1A output power adapter
1 x USB cable

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Is a30 220v version?
  • A: Hi Nathan, it can be used for 220v. Thank you!
  • Nathan 5/11/19 10:48 PM Asked.
  • Q: Hello Is it possible to connect all three of the Topping components ie. D30 rca to A30, then rca from A30 to the VX3?
  • A: Hi Luke,yes,it can.Thank you.
  • Luke 9/15/17 11:45 AM Asked.
  • Q: Thanks a lot for your quick answer. Still don't understand, it says in the description: "0dB/9dB/18dB gain switch. High/Low impedance switch." What does H/L switch do?
  • A: hi Fabio,High impedance headphones choose H, low impedance headphones choose L.Thank you.
  • Fabio 3/6/17 3:12 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hi, What are the output impedances of High/Low switch?
  • A: Hi Fabio,Output impedance has nothing to do H/L switch , only linked to the headphone jack.The 3.5mm is 30Ω.The 6.35mm is 10Ω.Thank you.
  • Fabio 3/5/17 9:55 AM Asked.
  • Q: Hi. I'd like to know if the line output is fixed or variable.
  • A: Hi Marcel,the line output is fixed.Thank you.
  • Marcel 2/22/17 11:03 AM Asked.